E.R. Hearing Aid Repair: Beware

I thought people would look to this group to use online hearing aid repair centers to extend the life of their hearing aids so I thought I’d post my experience here. If anyone has had good experiences with affordable repair centers, please share so I know for my next repair.

I own a Siemens hearing aid that was purchased through Sonus and after 5 years (almost to the day), the hearing aid mic gave out and no longer amplifies sounds. I tried contacting Sonus but repairs for hearing aids older than 5 years is close to $400. So I Googled hearing aid repairs and one of the first ones to come up was E.R. Hearing Aid Repair. Their website claims 4-7 business day turnaround and their prices are reasonable so I gave them a shot. We sent the hearing aid in 11/10/09 and to this day, we’re still waiting for it to be returned. We called two weeks ago and the owner (I assume it’s the guy in the picture on their website) said that things were really busy and they would get to it soon. Today (12/7/09), I called and the owner said almost exactly the same thing he said 2 weeks ago. He said that the hearing aid would ship out tomorrow and that he’ll change his website after the new year. Keeping my fingers crossed. :frowning:

Hey Max, what’s your deal. You already posted this under scam alert. Not only that you just joined the forum and all three of your post have been on the same subject. You sent your aids to an unknown company to save a buck and now you’re unhappy with the way things are going. Maybe it would have been smarter to get info regarding the company before you sent them your aids. Owner say they have been shipped. Maybe they have. Owner says that he has been swamped. Maybe he has. Owner says he will change his web site after the holidays. Maybe he will. I notice at no time did you tell the owner to forget about fixing your aids and to just send them back. You also said on the other thread that you have been issued a loaner so it’s not like you are walking around unable to hear. A months a long time to wait, but everything here was based on your decision. Next time you might want to do a little research before you send somebody something that you paid thousands of dollars for.