Driver's license restriction

When I renewed my license this year, I did NOT indicate that I wear hearing aids, as I do not need them all the time. I didn’t want that restriction on my license. My loss is mild. Did I do the right thing?? Yes, I know I lied.

It’s not even mentioned with regard to a Virginia driver’s license. There’s a vision screening, and your license will show corrective lenses if needed, but nothing on hearing.

I don’t think there are any restrictions regarding hearing loss in this country. Deaf people drive all the time.

New York State regs:

Hearing impairment
If the driver answers yes to this question, a DMV employee tests the hearing of the driver. If hearing is not acceptable, a restriction of “HEARING AID OR FULL-VIEW MIRROR” is added to the driver license.

I just filled out a form re corrective lenses, etc, and there was the question, staring me in the face.

I have no trouble hearing the music blasting from that car two lanes and 5 car-lengths away from me at the stop light without my hearing aids. :smiley:

In live in Iowa and there are restrictions, but that doesn’t mean that deaf people can’t drive. It is similar to a restriction for corrective lenses but Iowa does not test your hearing. For someone like me with a severe impairment, it’s good to have it noted with the state in case of emergency. Mild or moderate impairments like the original poster should not be a problem.

If you tell the driver’s license examiner that you wear hearing aids, they add the restriction to your license, which is “F” here in Iowa. F = Left Outside Mirror (required). The front of your license has “HEARING IMP: Y” added in red letters. Here’s two pics of my license with the personal info blocked out:

The fact that the license says hearing impaired is not a restriction. Also the fact that the license says full rearview mirror or left side mirror required is required by law for all cars. These are not restrictions. And if you don’t say yes on the questionaire so nothing is then put on your license is a pretty good indication that these are not restrictions.