Dot by ReSound - is this a top notch HA

I just got a pair of DOT by ReSound (Model 30) hearing aids. This is my first hearing aid. My ENT has audiologists in his suite at the university medical center. After being tested the dr told me that an aid would be a big help based on my complaints and the test. The audiologist that tested me is different than the one that fitted me for an aid. He reviewed my needs and we both agreed that a top-of-the-line hearing aid would work best for me. My biggest concern was hearing my 3 yr old granddaughter, and hearing conversations in noisy and crowded restaurants. He provided me with the Dot by Resound for $6200 for the pair. I think the price was not completely out of line.

My question is, is this a great hearing aid. I have nothing to compare it to but I am pretty happy with it so far - about 8 hours of wearing it. I can definitely hear my granddaughter much better. I took a bus back from the audiologist and was surprised that the bus rumble and sounds did not seem amplified but I could hear kids talking that I am sure I would have missed.

The sound of paper rustling and water flowing sound so different. My wife says that I am speaking much more softly. My voice sounds very weird to me.

So far I am pretty happy with it. I would love to know of anyone else who has this HA and what they think.


this is a good Hearing aid, Resound has some interesting tecnology.

But ofcourse, there are some other choices- I would however stick

with what your audi. is confortable fitting. For example I do not fit

phonak at all. So I would not be the best person if a client wants me to

fit this aids. I would prefer to fit an instrument im fully familiar.

does it make sense?

Yes - it makes sense to stick with what my audiologist handles. Thanks.

HBL, I am new to hearing aids and I don’t have the type of aid you have.

My reply to your question as to whether the hearing aids you have “is a great hearing aid” is simple. If they work great for you and fulfill your needs, they are indeed a great hearing aid. Would they be a good hearing aid for someone else, maybe so and maybe not. I would not bother with trying to trial various hearing aids if you are satisfied that what you have has met your expectations.

I don’t know if my aid is a great aid or not, but if it works “great” for me, then it is a great aid and that’s all that matters. I have Phonak Exelia Micro BTE. There are those out there who love the type of aid I have and those who hate them. I believe the same is true for every hearing aid out there, in that you will find individuals who swear by them and those who swear at them. For me, this is what it came down to when taking into consideration my degree and type of hearing loss: 1) what would satisfy “realistic” expectations in terms of hearing improvement, 2) what would best fit my lifestyle, 3) what would best fit my budget, and 4) personal preference. Not an all inclusive list, but that was my list. Some will always be dissatisfied, which I think at times is a product of unrealistic expectations. Unlike eyewear, that in many cases, can be used to correct vision to 20/20, there is no hearing aid product that will restore perfect hearing.

I have a busy and active life and no time to try every product out there in search of the holy grail of hearing aids. I don’t feel compelled to continue searching for something better when my expectations have been met.

I agree. Different needs for different people. If the aid you are wearing does what you need it to do then it is a great hearign aid. If there are not too many sounds you find unplesent or uncomfortable and you feel like you are getting the conversation as well as those around you then you have a great hearign aid.

By the way Exelia is deffiniately a great hearing aid!

Hal, I was fitted w/ DOT 30s this summer. The audi didn’t know that they should have a wax guard, didn’t put a dome of any kind on it so I only had the bare receiver in my ears. Also, I have profound hearing loss in one ear and moderate to severe in the other. Both high frequency and low frequency loss both ears. Yet there was much to like about these little HAs. I called ReSound, gave them my audiogram to review. They said no way was I a candidate for the DOT 30’s. However, I was very sorry when I had to make the obvious decision to return them, so for sure given all the reasons I had not to like them, I still did. However, I’d earlier worn Exelias for a few weeks and had excellent results, espcially in the ear that was “only” severe loss, I knew from what ReSound told me that no amount of programming the audi did was going to allow the DOT 30 to fill my needs. They were not designed to handle my low frequency loss. If your audiogram shows that you are a good candidate for these and on top of that you are happy with the results, it seems logical that you’d continue on with them. Isn’t it GR8 to hear those things you had been missing!

generally GN do not have good power or super power instruments…
the ones they do have are kind of BIG this is something they need to get better

I have found the dot30 to be one of the better models available at the moment.

That price is however rather high, at least from my perspective as a UK based discounter …