Don't clean your hearing aids with alcohol


Although I don’t regularly clean with alcohol, I have used 99% IPA a couple of times, it didn’t seem to harm my Phonaks. I normally just wipe gently with a tissue. Both aids and molds.


thanks for the information, I didn’t know this!

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I use alcohol prep pads for cleaning my ITE’s. Most of them are 70% IPA.

Could be fine. I think it only matters for models that are nano-coated on the exterior, which I believe is just the RICs and BTEs…

The only thing I have used to clean my aids for many years is Audiologist Choice.

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I use an alcohol prep pad, 70% isopropyl alcohol, to clean wax off the domes. I just wipe the HA with the microfiber cloth supplied by Costco.

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Am I the only one who reads IPA as “India Pale Ale”? I was wondering if John was dropping his HA’s into his pint? :smile:

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Sorry for any confusion caused by my abbreviation. In my world IPA= IsoPropyl Alcohol. Probably not a proper abbreviation, but one often used in electronics.

I thought the same thing! IPA has only one meaning to me.

Are you aware of a super thin pipe cleaner type of device for cleaning ear molds? Mine are thin tip acrylic there is kind of a tunnel for ventilation and the tool I have now doesn’t quite get it.

I clean my mold and dome (not my processor or aid) every week with isopropyl wipes, sometimes twice a week. I also wipe the tubes down with the wipes as well. I’ve done this for as long as I’ve had HA’s.

If your talking about the vent holes, I use Oral B super floss to clean mine. Works really well. Its a floss used for braces etc.
I tried posting a photo but for some reason wouldn’t paste.

Thank you! I’ll give that a try!