I bought my hearing aids over the internet and have been very happy with them. They are Siemens Cielo II…BTE…I need to buy some domes, but can 't seem to find them on the internet or at the drug store…Where do you buy these things? any place sell them for a descent price?

You will probably only be able to buy these from a hearing aid dispenser or audiologist. I would recommend calling around to places in your area (look in the Yellow Pages under “hearing aids” or “audiologist”) and ask them if they carry Siemens (or Rexton) products. They should be fairly inexpensive.

I get tubes and domes for my GN ReSound Pulse aids from

It looks like they might have what you need.

I wonder why they make them so hard to come by?? You can buy the batteries almost everywhere…After an exhaustive search on the internet there are only a couple of places that sell them and they work out to about $2.00 each… for a tiny little bit of non functioning silicone…

I can get them from my audiologist too. I’ve been happy with Rather than ponder why I can only get them from select places, I determined that Precise Hearing offered them at an okay price with reasonable shipping charges and good customer service, and got on with my life.

I went to the local audiolgist office today…they were out…said it would be few weeks…

Depending on where you are from Colorado Springs, CO, you’d have them in a week or less from