Domes size’s

I have the Jabari pro 20
My fitter says GM doesn’t want them to use other brands of domes on their aids and I understand that. But the large domes hurt and the medium is too small (close). There must be a dome from another model that would work. The receiver has to be able to accommodate a lot of domes one would think. An 8mm or 9mm. I’m still in the trial stage and would like to keep these. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Oticon make an 8mm bass and open bass.
Starkey make a 7mm occluded and open.

Don’t put one of the newer Sonova domes on as they’re designed to fit over a slightly larger ‘neck’ on the receiver.

You don’t ’need’ to use the manufacturer supplied domes as long as you understand the following; If you are going improve or reduce the venting, you will change the low frequency characteristics of the hearing aid. Namely the more occlusion, the more gain gets retained in the canal - thereby reducing feedback risk: however also risking over amplification and general boominess/echoing of the hearing aid.

That said, replacing like for like receivers with similar venting shouldn’t present particular issues.


Would those be the miniFit 8mm?

Yes, that’s what Oticon calls their receiver ends.

I just recently got the Jabra pro 20’s as well. I agree the domes that come with them are horribly uncomfortable, they’re made of a grey material that is so rough it felt like my ear canals were getting blisters (seriously, that painful) after just a few hours. I went back to Costco and they gave me the translucent white silicone domes from Phillips instead. So much better! Really made no difference to my fitting to switch power domes.


I am in a similar position. The open domes for the WIdex moment sheers that arrived this week come in extra small, small and large–5mm, 7mm, and 10mm. Ideally I need an 8, could possibly make do with a 9mm open dome. I experimented with open round domes and vented, since the dispenser sent an assortment, but they don’t work for me. I can’t quite nail down which manufacturer’s domes will fit over the Widex receiver.

The Oticon domes will stay on, just make sure that when you clean it that you remove all the material that collects between the receiver retention rings with the fine brush in your kit. They have a habit of filling up and then losing their grippines.


I find that using a drop of ProEar, from Amazon, on my power domes works wonders for inserting the domes in my ears. My HCP give me a brochure about them when I first got my open domes and HAs.

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Thanks for your hint.
I checked. Amazon Canada. ProEar. All I saw was for dogs. Oops!

Sorry, search on:
ProEar by Miracell

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