Domes a dilema

I am not sure if the issue is the Domes or I just have non-standard canals.

My RIC’S “walk” out of my ears, I was originally fitted with 6MM domes, HIS moved me to the 8MM domes, they work much better and I don’t get the extreme walking as I did with the 6MM domes, but none the less I am pushing the RIC (both ears) into the canal on average 6 times a day, Just went and picked up 10MM domes from my HIS and WOW are they huge, I thought it would take sometime to get adjusted to the new size, but no way, the l10MM was causing pain and felt as if the RIC was against the ear drum.

Does someone make a 9MM dome to fit Verite or should I try something else.

Thank you in advance for you assistance


Sorry to hear about that. I’ve had the same problem with just about everything I’ve tried. Finally, I recently tried Phonak Audeo V’s and told the aud about my issue and instead of trying to use larger domes (as you said, they are painful), he went with the smallest he had, 5mm. They were very comfortable. One of them fit perfectly a stayed put, the other was close enough that it was not an issue…

I found with the oticon duals it was where the aid rested on my ear that mattered, not the size of the dome. I needed to move it “up” a little so it was slightly visible and it wouldn’t work its way out. If it sat even slightly lower and back then the domes worked out. I did not have this problem at all with siemens pure with comparable domes.

Do the receivers have the ‘sport-lock’ fitted ? That would be the first thought.

‘Walking’ can still be an issue for some, especilly if the domes get ‘greased’ with wax on the outer face. If you get an alcohol swab (like the ones they use before an injection) and wipe off all the wax/sweat residue before you go to bed, it may restore some of the grip to the surface - it may also shorten the life of the domes a little.

First thnks to all who responded.

Using the eargrip prevented the RIC from being deep enough in the canal.

I’ll try the alcohol trick and see if that works.