Does anyone with a Nucleus 7 implant also use a Phonak M90?

I know that only a ReSound HA syncs with the Nucleus 7 cochlear implant. Not totally happy with the sound of the ReSound Quattro hearing aid, but I could need some adjustments to it. It also feels like I’m hearing from the inside of a cave; things sound distant.

I was at the PCP’s office for pre-op physical today and there was an echo type sound and some feedback in the Quattro. I quickly changed over to the M90 (which I plan on returning) and the sound and understanding of my doctor was much better.

Does anyone with a Nucleus 7 implant use a Phonak M90 aid as well instead of a ReSound? I know one member did and the audi had problems getting the Phonak aid to the member’s liking with implant. Any other experiences? For example sound with the un-synced implant, echo’s, latency, etc.


I know you need to buy a receiver a my link neck loop and a Roger pen to get the Phonak to work with the N7 to hook up the Roger pen and Phonak system to the CI. I don’t know any other info though sorry.

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@debbie_o I’ve found this article written by an Australian man who wears a Phonak with his CI. It is possible and I hope it helps clarify a few things for you.

Roger, Roger! - A Review of Phonak’s Roger Pen | Facebook

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@Deaf_piper Thank you, I will take a look at this article. :smiley: