Do You Wear Your Hearing Aids to the Dentist or Not - and Other Places You Avoid Wearing Your HA's?


I had some dental work done in Mexico just last week. I decided that with my current BTE style HAs I was fairly safe to leave them in. However, I would not have done that with AIE type.



I take them out when in the cinema. Movies are very loud in Aust.



I wore my HA’s to a regular dental check up and cleaning. They were no problem. She just used the low speed polishing tool and it was not very loud. This said, I have read that high frequency hearing loss is not uncommon for dentists due to the noise the drill makes. I find the mute switch on mine handy for situations where I don’t want to be bothered to take them out, but want them turned off. If I was having work that needed the high speed drill I would turn them off.

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I have to get within a few inches of a smoke alarm to hear it. My wife is usually running around with her hands over her ears until the test ends.
My tinnitus is louder than the alarm, 24/7 365 days a week. Only people from this forum understand.

Just realized this is an old thread.