Do hearing companies still make analog?

Or are they all digital now? Oticon stopped making them in the end of 2012. I barley got a new 380P during its November 2012. I got lucky, but was forced to go digital in 2015. :frowning:

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Siemens 12P on ebay sells for $112 and seems to be analog.

We offer an analog BTE hearing aid for $299.00 each. Follow the link below to evaluate if this product is right for you.

@tb13 Didn’t see where they had the analog aids he’s looking for. And the prices are about $50 higher than other for a repair.

I’m a life long user of hearing aids. I’m 60+ years old. My current unit is a Beltone S90 that I got in 2008. Been using a BTE analog for over 50 years. Usually get a new aid every 5-8 years.

Well as you all may guess I’m out of luck…went to my local Beltone office that I’ve used for over 30 years and was told that no more analog units are available from Beltone. Tried a few of the digital BTE Beltone units. Spent a lot of time trying to tweak the settings (very helpful people at this location) but never found anything I was comfortable with. I tried for over a week but got frustrated and went back to my S90.

Now I’m looking for options. Surely the Siemens Lotus 23 can’t be the answer can it? I’m open to suggestions from the group.

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Did you try Beltone Boost? When set to linear amplification and hard peak clipping, it’s the closest match to what you have now.

I’m not sure if the “Boost” model was one of the units I tried. I will call them tomorrow to check on that.


Just spoke with audi at Beltone…I’ve not tried the Boost model. Going to try it Tuesday. I will be sure to set it on linear amp. with hard clipping. Is this a digital unit with adjustments to different frequencies?

It’s a fully digital hearing aid with 9 adjustable frequency bands.

Ahh…so I may still have this whole digital vs. analog sound issue with the Boost unit? I’m still going to try it and set it up per your suggestion on the amplification and clipping. Will need to play with all of those channels!

Is there any analog option out there that is similar to my S90?

Well, finally have the Boost model for trial. Spent quite a bit of time setting it up. Linear, hard clipping and tweaked the frequency bands a bit. Nope…not liking it. So frustrating! I’m going to wear it and go back for more tweaking. I really would like to make my own adjustments in the real world…why don’t they accommodate that?

After 55 years with Beltone I may go over to another office that sells another brand to see if a different audi can help. I know its the “digital” issue that I’m dealing with. Again getting really PO’ed with the industry after a life time of satisfaction to have to deal with this.

Surely there has to be a nice high power BTE analog aid out there?

Do you have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? You can download the Beltone HearPlus app and use it to adjust bass/treble.

My wife has an S4. You mean there is an app that allows me some adjustments on the Beltone Boost? Got to check that out…thanks!

I am a life long wearer of HA, 53 years of experience of living with them. In 2007 (8?) I dropped and broke one of my Oticon Sono-forte 332-XAZ. I’ve been on this forum before. In '09, my audi after over 2 years of trying, sourced some Unitron Breeze Linear Power +3P, which solved the artifact problem I was experiencing with the All Digital HAs. Sadly they soon after stopped making them and were apparently one of the last in the market. I’m living in terror of losing one of these to damage, rain being my biggest foe. They are going on 7 years old now, and I don’t have a fricking clue as to what will replace them. I fear I will not be for long in this world once those bite the dust, which really makes me sad. Please let us know if you find anything for the moderate-severe hearing impaired in the linear HA market area.

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Well…changed audis and trying a Starkey 30i demo. Its not my S90 but its very tolerable for a first fitting. Audi said we have lots of adjustability. Currently set up linear, no NR, no compression. Audi wants to try a Starkey 110i so I was fitted for the ear piece.

We’ll see…

“I just had knee replacement surgery a week ago. I tried to go out jogging today and nope, don’t like it. I’m gonna go return this artificial knee and get a more natural one that I will like better. They just don’t make knees like they used to. Afterall, I have been using a natural knee for 35 years. So I guess thats just what I’m used to.”

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but this is the same logic. I think you get my point?

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Jogging is not actually allowed after total knee replacement - it is a high impact activity.:wink:

What did you end up doing? I’m very similar to your story and have now been wearing my new digital Starkey Z-Series CIC for over a year now. Been back probably over 10-12 times in the last year trying numerous adjustments with multiple audiologists in that office as well as Starkey representatives via phone and computer mirroring. After having tried many brands since 2008 on the many trial periods, this was my first time sticking with digitals beyond trial period because my Audi reassured me she would get me to love them. At the end of the day, digital is digital and all of them regardless of brand or channels, will have all these bells and whistles that just ruin the true hearing experience. I like analog because it does one thing and one thing only, take the sounds around you and amplify them. Not do all of this computeristic techy stuff and then spit back out a modified hearing experience. Kitchen always sounded like a construction site with how sharp sounds hurt my ears, my two baby girls who are loud at times hurting my ears, music sounds HORRIBLE compared to analogs, and the list goes on. I hate digital, bottom line.

I’m now stuck with my digital Starkey CIC Z-Series that I paid almost $5500 for a year ago. Now, since my year is up with the “free batteries and free adjustments”, future audi visits are going to cost me. So with that being said, I’m ready to pay a different Audi rather than the same office who could just never get it right. What I really want to do is trade in or sell my existing HAs in exchange for a pair of CIC analog aids.

Someone in another thread had mentioned Prairie Labs out in Minnesota and how they are one of the only few companies in USA who make excellent quality analog aids. My Audi contacted them for me (I was thinking okay I’m willing to pay like $250-500 per aid max since they are analog, right?) and she comes back yea we can get you a pair, will cost $3000. Would you like us to order them? And I just had this flabbergasted look on my face like, umm noooo.

I’m tired of doing adjustments to these aids, if someone can give me suggestions on good analog CICs (I used to wear an Oticon 300P BTE PowerAid in just my left ear for past 15 years before going digital last year) and ways I can make use of my current digital aids in terms of getting value for them so I’m not out a whole lot more money, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m even thinking of making a claim on my current digitals to get another replacement pair before the 2 year warranty is up. This is to have backups or perhaps sell them as brand new, I don’t know. As you can see, I’m desperate at this point.

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