Do balance problems happen with hearing loss?


For those who are hard of hearing, especially with a unilateral hearing loss, are you experiencing balance issues? I’m having balance issues (although no vertigo) as my unilateral hearing loss worsens. At night especially I find I’m very unstable and can easily fall over.

I haven’t experienced balance problems throughout my time with hearing loss; it only seems to have gotten worse as my hearing has been decreasing.

While not everyone with hearing loss will have balance problems, these two conditions are frequently linked (the inner ear is where you get balance from).

In a case of worsening unilateral loss a visit to your doctor might be wise.

go see a ENT

The best option for you is to see a professional asap. In terms of balance of hearing, it will be lost and it will be harder to determine from which direction sound is coming. As for actual standing and physical balance, it is involving the ears but it won’t be affected.

I agree, one sided hearing loss with balance disturbance is an alarm bell and you need to see your doctor for treatment, referral ASAP.

There is a tendency to lean in the direction you hearing better


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I was diagnosed with non-positional Vertigo and tried a lot of things including hearing aids and dozens of test.

Nothing helped, I work for a Health Care Software company, in a meeting with a long time client the discussion moved around to the problem I was having.

They suggested Lipo-Flavinoids, I gave it a shot, WOW what a difference, dizziness gone, nausea much better, Ringing and rushing minimized.

Sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch, but while not cured I at least can function with minimum issues.

See you Helath Care Provider…

From when I was a child I am experiencing dizziness and headache after sharp accelerations and decelerations. Thats why I don’t use taxis…

hi there…

Hearing isn’t what keeps your balance, balance is kept by the pressure felt by a small organ inside your ear. That’s why people born deaf can still have good balance, as long as their deafness isn’t related to damage of the rest of the ear. (because the balance organ isn’t damaged) And thats why those who lose their hearing to catastrophic physical damage of their ear, such as an explosion induced overpressure, also lose their balance. (because the tiny organ gets damaged too)