Do any hearing aids work in a restaurant with background noise


Hi when I go to restaurants and there is a lot of background noise I cannot understand what the party I am with is saying are there any hearing aids that actually work in this setting I have a 80 DB high frequency loss in both of my ears.


I find Phonak UltraZoom to be extremely good. I often have better hearing then hearing people.


my new resound quattro work really well in the restaurant program and with the app I have 3 choices… 1) hear everyone… which to me is over powering 2) speech focus which I have set for a very narrow band and 3) noise filter which I have usually ended up using… it is set at narrow band and strong noise reduction this is great for 1 on 1 conversations you forget there is anyone behind and aroind you


Hi there. Is Ultra Zoom one of the features on the Phonak Compilot? I am not sure if they all have a label. I have been told to press ‘1’ for ‘one to one’ on the compilot Air II. Restaurants/pubs are a disaster for me. So frustrating and I can’t always disguise the flashing blue light on the compilot even if I put in my bra!! Should I ask for Ultra Zoom?


Restaurants and hearing aids do not mix well. I too find the directional mics on the Signia NX, which I control from the phone app, to be the best solution. I then usually turn the volume down also. Better, but not perfect.

I am also careful where I sit. Using directional mics, which all the big brands have, I try to put myself where the noise in front of me is less. For example, I used to sit with my back to the wall, now I may want it in front of me, since I am going to shut down what is behind me anyway.

Now what can you do at the cocktail party? Move to the perimeter and have another drink.


The models I am familiar with work really well, the Costco KS8 (Signia Nx), the Phonak Brio 3 (Phonak Audeo B90), and the older Resound Verso.

But, there are two issues that determine how well they work.

One is what kind of background noise it is. If it is ventilation sounds and a consistent background hum, they all work. If it is close voices, voices further away, sudden impulse sounds, and that is mixed with hum and maybe music, that’s a different story.

That leads to two, they all need adjustment from the default setting. I have found both the Signia/Rexton/Costco and the Phonak work well at blocking out much of the background and raising the immediate voices enough to be understandable. But, they don’t get there without adjustments and trial and error.


Phonak UltraZoom is on the Speech in Noise programs but the UltraZoom can be strengthen or weaken depending on where your audiologist sets it. I have it set to maximum.


My Widex 440 does very well. As you can see - there are lots of options to choose from that can do well. You’ll just need to work with your audiologist.


Here is how to have excellent speech discrimination in a restaurant. I will use the equipment particular to me.

I have Resound Linx3D aids. I have their multi-mic. I pin the mic on my dinner companion. I hear the conversation very very well.


yes the multi mic works great… I even used it a couple weeks ago when at a friends and we were watching a football game … I just set it in front of the TV speakers and it streamed as well as my normal streamer on my TV at home