DIY School - (v2.0)

Sure but don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for DIY projects.

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Thanks, I’m going to get the Noahlink after I confirm it works with the Paradise 90. I have the Phonaks coming and currently use the Starkey Halo 2 i2400s.

Yes, Noahlink Wireless works for Phonak Paradise. Here’s a clip from a DIY School PDF file named (Choose a Hearing Aid Programming Device); Tip: click the image to enlarge.

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Good day all. I am absolutely a newbie at hearing aid programming. I have my Noahlink wireless and am looking for a copy of the software that will allow me to read the programming off of my Signia Pure 312 7X so I can copy it to a set of 13X C&G, also something that will break the programming on my Costco Bernafon

HMm; Let me try to unpack that??

You cannot directly copy the settings from one technology level to another. The two technology levels will have different features. I suggest that you read a DIY School file named (02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids), and more specifically ( Step 3 – Choose (1 of 3) origins for your hearing loss settings).

I don’t think that you want to “break” the programming on your Costco Bernafon HAs because it will be broken. Do you want the fitting software?

Maybe a good starting point/origin for your Charge&Go settings would be your paper Audiogram (if you have one) or an in-situ version of your audiogram which you can build yourself from within the fitting software by listening for tones at each frequency, and for each ear.


Yes it’s possible to export and then import your settings, however not everything gets transferred, but can still be a good baseline to work from, InSituGram is another way if you prefer to start from scratch with DIY, Connexx software is easy to use and very user friendly.

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Hello all, can someone please provide me with the Oticon Genie 2 software download?
That would be nice.

Sure, but don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device for your DIY projects.


I would be very happy if someone could share phonak target fitting sw with me. Thanks!!!

Sure,but don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for DIY projects.

Check out the target user guide as well.

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I have read the DIY School manuals and in Save your Original Professional Settings (if any) when saving session it says the following:
 in the hearing aids?
 In the database?
 Both the database and the hearing aids?
I am using Compass GPS 4.3 with Noahlink, with Widex Moment 220 hearing aids.
But if you look at the accompanying image, it suggests that it always saves the configuration in hearing aids.
Only when there are changes or always?
I have searched in the program to disable it but there is nothing where I can do it.
Does anyone know why??

Good catch!! Compass GPS seems to be a little different.

Sorry, I was trying to describe all fitting software. But I don’t have all brands of hearing aids.

But no worries. Saving to both (database and hearing aids) should always be your default method anyway. Why? Because if you don’t save to both, then you will get a Date-Time mismatch next time you connect your hearing aids.

I will make note of this Widex Compass difference in DIY School. Thanks.

Yeah so what happens is any changes are made on the fly, they are saved all the time, another manufacturer also does it, but you can’t disable or change the way compass works.

Thanks for your information.

Hello, all! I’m new here. Wondering if anyone has a download link for the latest Widex Compass software for my Moment Sheer 440s. Thank you in advance!

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I am not quite sure what “Sheer” models are? I saw them mentioned once before but aside from that one time, I have not seen any documentation about a “Sheer” model?

Oh, I think I see now. It may be a ReBrand. Is it from Direct Hearing?

ReBrand hearing aids are sometimes locked or made difficult to self-program??

Well don’t forget you’ll need the Noahlink wireless programming device as well.
Good choice of HAs by the way.

Well, maybe it’s a good choice and maybe he/she needs Noahlink Wireless.

But Widex Compass GPS 4.4 is the latest Widex fitting software and I don’t see any updates to 4.4, and I don’t see any “Sheer” Moment 440 models. So, just what the heck are “Moment 440 Sheer” models?

You can try connecting to them and see if it works. There are conditions that must be satisfied before connecting such as off/on cycling the HAs to prep them for connecting, installing the fitting software first before plugging-in Noahlink Wireless so that the Noahlink Wireless driver is installed properly.

You will be the first to program a “Sheer” Moment 440 if it works.

Yeah I thought they were the latest version of Moment, I did see them on the Widex us website, well we’ll know if they can be programmed soon enough.Widex Moment Sheer - hearing aids with the perfection of natural sound