DIY School - (v2.0)

I will test and also maybe @Blue can have a look. Yep, I get the error too.

This works;
and this works;
Widex Compass GPS

Successful Python install is a prerequisite. Did you fix this? Are you trying to download (widex, connexx which stops in the middle) without Python?

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do you have connexx six- NHSFIT ?

Connexx6 is for legacy hearing aids and the two most popular Hearing Instruments Databases that are included with Connexx6 are SiFit for Signia and RexFit for Rexton.

I have not heard of NHSFIT? What hearing aids are you looking to program? Are these for National Health Service/NHS hearing aids? Wait, let me reword that. I have not seen anyone sharing NHSFIT.

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Please post full script output

That’s my bad, sorry

I’ve fixed it now, please redownload the latest version of the script

Yep, Unitron TrueFit 5.3 works now with version 1.6.2 of the Universal Hearing Aid Software Downloader

Assuming that all other complaints are related to Python install failures.

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hearing aid siemens prism 2 pro , siemen impac pro M , lmpac m impac L

Sorry, I cannot help with Free/old/obsolete (National Health Service) hearing aids. NHS providers tend to lock their heraring aids in order to prevent abuse of their services. One could argure that it doesn’t make much difference for old/obsolete hearing aids. I would agree. But it’s not up to me.

Siemens Impact Pro M’s Siemens Impact Pro M's
Siemens Prisma 2M
Siemens IMPACT Pro M User manual Siemens IMPACT Pro M (English - 22 pages)

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Siemens Impact hearing aids are definitely locked. My friend had these before going with Phonak. They are also very old.

I know old UK NHS Aids are given to countries (with the correct code) who can’t always get hearing aids. I wonder if that’s happened here?

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@pvc Thanks for all of your work on this and supporting all of us.


ah… ok, you’ve helped a lot. never mine.

just Info.

iThis is what the Connexx 8 NHS looks like when it’s installed. but i lost connexx 6 because Virus attacked my Computer , all labeled tapz. and can’t be recovered

That’s because you are trying to program locked hearing aids that you found in a recycle bin. Well, maybe not exactly that bad. But maybe pretty close! So why the heck are you blaming me?

I didn’t lock them!

Just because you find Connexx and some specific hearing instrument database paired together doesn’t mean it has to remain that way. Connexx and the various databases can be combined differently. Though, I don’t know exactly which to install first and which to install last.

I don’t blame, I say thank you. maybe there is a google translate error. ( before I said, thank you for the help of pvc.) you have helped me a lot )

Okay, there some old threads about Connexx and database separate installs. Maybe I can look tomorrow.

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@pvc Thank you for your great job and supporting
now Unitron TrueFit 5.3 download is working for me.

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Here’s a clip from a DIY School (01 Free Hearing Aid Fitting Software). The older/legacy Connexx could combine multiple databases. But the picture you showed is Connexx 8/with NHS so I don’t think it can be combined with legacy Connexx.

If you DM me a download link to Connexx 8/with NHS I can try combining it with some other Connexx6 and see if it might work? Here’s the clip;

ETA: On second thought, that won’t work. What you really need is the Legacy NHSFit database that you lost to a virus, Right?

thank you for your help , I really appreciate it . all my files are corrupted. and it can’t be fixed, and I have no backup, never backup. now my laptop is brand new without any files.

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Remember Ghost?
That was the standard in the day. On a floppy!!

I’ve been using Macrium Reflect for quite some time.
It’s free, and easy to use.
Backup to a NAS.

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I’m new to hearing aids and new to this forum. I’m a DIY’er in pretty much everything, and I’m sure once the “getting used to them” period is over, HAs will be no exception.

I perused your PDF files, and just wanted to say wow, very thorough, very impressive! Thank you so much, pvc, for your time and effort, and the great information you’ve shared! I really appreciate it.