DIY programmimg Audeo M90-312T

I just bought a used pair of M90-312T aids as backups to my KS9’s. I’ve got an M receiver in the right side and a P receiver in the left side which is what my original Costco audi recommended. I’ve mounted these receivers in some previously used acrylic earmolds.

After setting the levels with Audiogram Direct the left side aid is very loud while the right side is very soft. In order to get a reasonably balanced volume level I’m having to increase the AD levels in the right side and reduce the AD levels in the left side fairly drastically. Does this indicate a problem with the right aid? (after making these changes the aids sound great)

Do you have the proper receivers set in this screen in Target, under “Instruments/acoustic parameters”
It is also important to have “Earpiece and Vent” set to something similar to what your are using .

Another confusing thing about the Target software is the person that wrote it can’t tell his left from his right :wink:

Yes. All are correct.

If you would do a AudiogramDirect, you would see the hearing thresholds for your ears.
If they are really off, than you know that either the hardware is faulty or wrongly configured. If they are a little off, then you should be hearing allright after accepting the AudiogramDirect as your base for calculating the gain values.

Sorry, missed that part. Yes, I agree with @GrayGhost: Sounds like you exchanged left and right. There is a check-the-receiver-button, though. So you can easily verify that.

One of my audiologist explained to me, that normally a client wouldn’t be sitting next to them pointing at things on the screen. Normally, the left and right would seem good to an audiologist. :slight_smile:

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No. All the receiver info is entered correctly.

Did your audiologist tell you the M and P are for phonak? Different brand’s receiver may provide different level of power.
But in general M means medium while P means power. The P receiver is stronger than the M.
If your parameter settings are correct and you are happy with the receivers, you may increase the master gain of the right aid and decrease the master gain of left to make it sound better. You can also adjust the volume if you have a phonak app.

In Target,are frequency settings {numbers} the same in fine tuning between KS9’s and Marvels?

Sorry but I don’t know the answer to that.

I didn’t discuss self programming with the audi. I assumed that since both are made by Sonova that the receivers would be the same.

I think (based on my AD results)) that my right ear has received damage over a wider frequency range while my left has progressively worse results as the frequency increases. BTW - I spent around 50 years as a drummer. And that is on top of having a nearly deaf father and older brother.

Here are my AD results with the M90 first and the KS9 second. The M90 is with acrylic earmolds and a P receiver on the left and a M receiver on the right. The KS9 is with DIY silicone earmolds and P receivers both sides. ( I only recently found a seller who was selling single receivers instead of pairs)
Edit: I’m pretty much in the dark about setting UCL levels.
Another edit: When setting levels with AD I usually bump all the levels up a notch to get what I feel like is acceptable hearing for watching TV and having normal conversations.

I don’t know where there is a master gain control. In fact I know very little about the software beyond using AD. When I had a problem with unequal volumes I just increased the AD values on the right and reduced them on the left. This gave me what I consider to be excellent results.

Yes as they are the same hearing aids.


Your UCL levels are so close to your audiogram values that sound will be heavily heavily compressed which won’t allow it to sound great.

Are you UCL levels the same on other Aids?

It’s more close to the right which might expect why it’s so quiet on the right?

The software won’t let me set them any higher.

They may be functionally the same but the cases are different. This may have something to do with the telecoils in the M90’s.

I realize they are the same aids but sounds like {no pun intended} audi set up the KS9’s and he set up the Marvels. Checking the amplification in the fine tuning could show whether aids are programmed alike which if they are would then point to possibly changing receivers from Ks9’s to Marvel and see if problem follows the receivers.

Don’t set them at all and see how it sounds.

Most people don’t bother with UCL


Exactly, I wouldn’t bother in this situation, the MPO can be checked to make sure it doesn’t get to over bearing.

@wdgowen don’t use AD for now, just enter your audiogram as you see it, no UCL and just make a first fit, this will set the aids to approximately 80%, you can then use global tuning in increase the fitting to how loud you want it, if you want to “check” if its the right hand side HA thats possibly at fault, just swap the them over in the fitting.
Honesty I don’t think there’s an issue with it, but more likely the way you have them set up.

Thanks for the helpful suggestions. The M90’s as I have them setup now sound wonderful so I probably won’t make any more changes except that I’ve removed the UCL numbers from the AD screen. The only issue I have now is that my acrylic earmolds are causing some pain. I’m going to try wearing them a day or two at a time alternating with my KS9’s to see if the pain issue goes away.

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My university audiologist even warned against it. He had collected a thick folder with exceptionally off programming in Phonak hearing aids due to UCL settings.