DIY If I can do it so can you

The hits just keep coming.

I picked up a Pilotone ll remote control for cheap off ebay, programed it to my Phonak Bolero V70s, using the Target software, and it works perfectly.

I also picked up a pair of inexpensive Bolaro Q30 aids locally off Craigslist, programed them, and put them away as backups.

I am so glad I decided to go down this path.


I’m thinking about buying a PilotOne off eBay as well.

The PilotOne2 is pretty nice. I use the ComPilot2 for what the PilotOne2 does plus streaming though it has to be worn around the neck.
Remembering to check compatibility with these devices to your particular aids is so important.

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It’s easy to intigrate with your hearing aids using Target and a usb cord.

Outside of the battery door, the parts that are most subject to failure on hearing aids are probably the buttons. Using the Pilotone ll reduces that possibility. So far I like it, and there is nothing hanging on my neck.

That’s good to know, thank you. I also self program so it should be easy for me to do.

Does anybody know if the Target software will work with the latest CostCo (Kirkland) K-8 HAs?

If you go to the Costco website and check out the Phonak hearing aids you will see which ones use Target software.

Is that to say thar the Kirkland K-8’ are re-branded Phonaks?

Go to the website and look at all the aids they sell. Kirkland is not Phonak.

No. Target is for Phonak. The KS8’s need Sivantos/Signia/Rexton Connexx.


Cost aside, can anybody express a preference for one of those?

I am confused. One of what?

Sivantos/Signia/Rexton Connexx as cited by z10user2

The KS8 is Rexton. You would need the Rexfit database with Connexx to be able to program them. You would also need a programming device–NoahLink Wireless or I think a HighPro or clone would do also. Would need cables and connectors too if using HighPro.

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Maybe I provided unnecessary information. Apologies.

What would be a decent HighPro clone for this btw?

There’s HIPro and there’s minipro. I have the minipro as do several other people here. Works perfectly fine. I would not call it a clone.
Any version of HIPro would work. Just be aware of the older serial version where you would need a USB to serial converter. Or an older computer with a serial port. But it still works.

I have been running the serial HiPro for 10 years. 3 different modern computers during that time. These old serial HiPros work just fine.

I have a minipro too. I hesitated to use the term “clone” as it has generated controversy in the past. Language is imprecise. It’s certainly not an exact copy in that sense of the term, but I think used in the sense of Clone (computing) - Wikipedia it’s not inaccurate. It’s clearly made to emulate a HiPro. I don’t know what the best term to describe the minipro is and it really doesn’t matter. They work, although it does seem like a NoahLink Wireless is becoming a better choice for modern aids.

I believe the minipro is also known as the USB HiPro, not positive.
I agree about the Noahlink wireless. Seems like I read the Airlink 2 is the same as the Noahlink wireless after a firmware update, is that correct?