My better ear has been playing tricks with me for a few months now.

I keep feeling like I need to go for adjustments but I know I don’t.

Sometimes sounds are really distortion and other times they sound really good but my hearing hasn’t changed. Anyone have this? Is it normal for someone who is profoundly deaf?

My bad ear never gets distortion which is weird.

I was told by my audi that your hearing can fluctuate from day to day. She said it’s not uncommon to have a 5 db shift, so I took it to mean 10 db: 5 db up or 5 db down on any given day.

The same with me, I´m profoundly deaf, too. Distorted, queaky sounds, I don´t know what it is, mostly when I´m tired, seems so the brain is exhausted with hearing…or the inner ear reception is some more weaker.
Seems to be a common situation in a lot of deaf people.