Disposable batteries

Hi folks. I’m planning to buy new aids, and I see that rechargeable battery versions have mostly replaced disposables. I’d prefer not to have to rely on charging every night, but I’m concerned that if I opt for a disposable battery version, it may not be long before I no longer can get the disposable batteries. Does anybody have any thoughts regarding this? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I think I would worry about something else. My Philips’ 9040 take a disposable battery, so I’m not worried.

If I had small kids wandering around, then I would get the rechargeable type to prevent them from swallowing a toxic battery.

I have been wearing rechargeable hearing aids now about 5 years. At first i was unsure about them, but now I actually prefer them. Yes I recharge my aids every night, what is convenient is taking them out of the charger and putting them on not having to thinking about closing the battery doors. I haven’t had any issues that I couldn’t handle.


Everything has its pro and con. Just be more careful and alert. Buy what you like.

I hope this will not be the case, and I don’t think disposable batteries will disappear any time soon, unless we start using donkeys as transportation again (which I think it isn’t far off).

If you are comfortable with disposable, I don’t see any reasons for not getting hearing aids with disposable batteries.
If you can trial rechargeable hearing aids, then you can make an informed decision.

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How long do you plan to keep these aids?

I’ve been thinking that I’d switch to rechargeable when battery strength is increased, and I’m sure it will be. But then I remember that I use the phone app a lot, and the phone loses connection with the aids a couple of times a week. I tried rechargeables, and turning them off and on was way more inconvenient than opening and closing the battery holder.

So I want longer battery life, reliable apps, and reliable BT connections. The battery life will be increased, no question about it. I have no faith that the apps will get better, and I have no faith that the connections will get better. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you are not rebooting your phone after an app update, you might want the try it to see if you phone to hearing aids works any better.

BT is using the same frequency as WiFi, garage door openers and so on. As such, it’s prone to interference, especially when on the go. So it’s not surprising there are going to be connection issues.

I do wonder why BT didn’t use 5 GHz, as the signal doesn’t travel as far and interference would seem to be less of a problem.

Your answer is hidden in your statement. 5ghz has less range for a given power level. It is also why you now need more multiple Wi-Fi network adapters in larger homes then 2.4 GHz needs.

Also when Bluetooth came out there was not a prevalence of 5ghz technology and chipsets.


How much distance do you need between your hearing aids and your phone?

My BT signal is rock solid inside my home. However, it drops out when on the go. Even when just walking there are areas where it drops the signal.

Even though a car acts like a Faraday cage somewhat, it would seem to me that one is more likely to run into an area of interference in a car.

Anyhow, there has to be more to it then chipsets.

According to AI Copilot, the 5 GHz frequency is not open for use in all countries. In addition, Copilot states that 5 GHz uses more power then 2.4 GHz so that may be an issue with portable devices.

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Reboot the phone after an app update? Doh! What a concept… Thanks.

My problem is at home, not when I’m out. I use the 5GHz band for my wifi, but I live in an apartment. Some of my neighbors use the 2.4 GHz band, as my network analyzer reports. I can’t fix that, but at least now I have a good explanation for the problem. Again, thanks.

The issue is line of sight, in a building the Bluetooth signals bounce offof walls, furniture etc. Outside the signal doesn’t have anything to bounce off of and return to the aids. I have read some reviews that le audio is better Outside than Bluetooth le or classic.

I prefer disposable batteries. The biggest reason is that at some point in time, a rechargeable will not hold enough charge to make it through an entire day. If I had to go with a rechargeable, I would make sure that the battery can be replaced by the audiologist, at the least. Preferably, I would want to do be able to have that capability. I have custom molds so a loner may not be available. I would be without an aid for about 5 days for the repair. My Resound Linx3D did not have a detachable mold so it would have to go back. My Oticons have a detachable mold so a loaner could be possible. With disposable batteries, I have a pretty good idea how long they last so I know if I should replace my batteries depending on the situation. If enough people request disposables, I would like to think that the manufacturers would make sure we are accommodated.


I am on my 2nd set of BT aids and only have ever used replaceable batteries. I have never had any trouble with losing BT connections. I prefer to stay with replaceable. I 15-16 hours a day with streaming. I have heard people say that their rechargable aid don’t always last that long. I will stay with what has worked till they pry them from my cold dead hands. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I guess I figured I would just buy a new charger after 3 years. They are currently $250 for my 3 day premium charger.

As long as you do not have Phonak HAs many of the new HAs will stream much of the day and more new releases will be. If I had Phonak I would want disposable batteries. Bluetooth 4.2 is a power hog.

I like the idea of disposable batteries as well. And at this point I am happy with my rechargeable HAs.

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regardless of your emergency. disposable batteries are very practical in use.


Not sure about this argument, what’s the purpose of a second charger if the batteries don’t hold a charge!!!
It’s like having 4 spare tires, when the car engine is toast!!!

Not sure about this one either, all manufacturers have the same problem to a varying degree, I guess you could say that Phonak Audeo rechargeable is a victim of its own success, but I don’t think they’re worst than other brand in term of run time.

:joy: LOL not sure where my head was at. For some reason I was responding to the comment as if he was talking about charger batteries. Oops.

I think you are saying why get a second charger if the HAs do not hold a charge? I made my comment as I can send my HAs in under warranty if the HAs batteries are failing. Then they might hold up for 6 years, maybe. And, I hope to get new HAs way before 6 years as technology changes.

So I guess I’m saying under your parlance, I am getting new tires once I replace the engine. I hope I am being more clear. I was responding to a charger…too funny.

And now I am starting to get back on the topic…sort of. :joy: Goodness.

Yes they all have the same problem to a varying degree. Especially if you do not have a 3 day premium charger. One could still suggest that is still not enough and I would not argue that point.

And, Phonak HA rechargeables are well know to be notably worse then the rest of the pack. My partner has them as her backup pair and has had to take them out to charge them at least twice a day. I stream a lot and can go 16-17 hours and not having to recharge. I do not stay up longer then that… with HAs in.

And again, I like the idea of disposable batteries as well. And at this point I am happy with my rechargeable HAs.


Fathers days last year our area suffered a huge wind storm winds were over a 112 miles and hour. Most of the area lost power for 1-3 weeks. We were without power for 8 days. It was a real problem trying to find places to stay cool and charge phones. I was glad I didn’t have to worry about charging my adis also.


Good point, RSW . . . 2 years and 10 months into a three year warranty (1000+ recharges) it’s likely that the rechargeable batteries will no longer hold the original amount of charge. I guess this could fall into the category of battery failure. Do we know that all companies will consider this to be a legitimate warranty claim?

I have always had the disposable batteries until now. I now have the Phillips with rechargeable batteries. I will go back to the disposables if/when these fail. We go glamping a lot and 2 times i have forgot to bring my charger with me. My dumb fault I know but it was a real hassel never the less. Thankfully neither time was for a very long trip so I struggled thru. If I had my old disposeables it would have been no problem. So I’ll be going back to using disposables myself. As a safety thing I have stored my old Oticons in the camper along with a couple of packs of batteries in case I ever do this again,(and as I age my memory gets worse) so at least I’ll be able to somewhat hear.