Dish Network Hopper, bluetooth streaming TV receiver

I had the Dish Network whole-house dvr installed, called the Hopper. I didn’t know this until after the install but in the information it says that it has bluetooth ability to stream to a bluetooth headset or headphones.

I tried the bluetooth headphone option and it says “Coming Soon” so I chatted with the company and they could not give me a date, or be pinned down to an estimate, just very soon. I took that to mean a couple of months. But, we all know how things go with products that will be out “soon”.

If/when the bluetooth feature is released it sounds like it could be used to stream to our bluetooth hearing aid devices. It would be nice to have a built in feature like that. They told me it would be an automatic update so that tells me the bluetooth transmitter is built in and we are just waiting on the software?

Anyway, if anyone finds out more please post and I will post again when I have something firm.

I would guess it would pair with your Phone Clip, but I can’t image it could broadcast directly to the hearing aids.

It would stream to your bluetooth device (in my case, the phone clip). No hearing aid has bluetooth. There is always an intermediate device when bluetooth is involved. Resound has a TV transmitter that transmits directly to the hearing aids but of course it is not bluetooth.

For Dish Network subscribers the Hopper thing might be an alternative to buying a TV transmitter, if it works well.

I have the TV streamer, and I am in awe of how well it works. But then again, I have molds, so I get the bass.

But the Phone Clip is not stereo; I think I’d miss that.

I got the phone clip last week when I picked up my GN ReSound Remote Mic in the canal aids. It is a disappointment, to say the least.

Today I picked up the remote and the TV streamer, and the streamer is great! Listening to regular TV or to iTunes music through my AppleTV is a real pleasure again.