Digifocus II died seeking suggestions for a comparable replacement


My name is Kristen. I’ve been using hearing aids since I was 15. I am now 27. I do not hear out of my right ear and have some hearing from my left. A serious hearing loss in the left ear resulted in my need for hearing aids.

My active lifestyle in high school (basketball, track, cross country) resulted in my first hearing aid (Oticon Digifocus) to malfunction and cease operating. And a couple mishaps resulted in me getting a Digifocus II which I’ve had for the better part of the past seven years. My Digifocus II decided, last night, to start malfunctioning. When the switch is on the “M”, what I hear from the hearing aid is what I’d hear if I was on the “T”, or telephone, setting. Needless to say, I think my Digifocus II is done.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a comparable (sound quality) hearing aid? Being water resistant like that Phonak Naida, which I’m looking into, is a plus but not a requirement. I can always get accessories (little rubber dudes) to protect the hearing aid from moisture.

I’m looking for something that’s around or below $2,000. My last Digifocus II was around $2,200 and I’m okay with paying that amount if the hearing aid is good.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear a response!


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250 – 55
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get the new vigo connect, which should be far supperior to the old DF2 with wireless
connectivity with a pricing far inferior to the 2,200 per instrument…
you will be impress

Or, maybe as a short term measure, get a 3rd party repairer to fix the aid.

Should cost less than say $200.


Me too… I have DigiFocus 1 aids that are still working. The one was repair and
never sounded quite the same. These Oticons are a tribute to the brand that they
last so long. I recall my analog aids would work for 5 years max.


The Vigo Pros .I see them for 2000 a piece in my area and that is the cheapest place (although they had little time to talk to me). While this is cheaper as far as prices go it would still be a good $4000
for a pair… I’d have given up the Digifocus’s and brought new ones if they weren’t so

I was considering the Oticon HIT as its its priced below the Vigo Pro. Figure I’d try it.
Even those…I was quoted 2300 a piece for the HIT Pro Power. I know its not all about
the money but the forum here definitely shows that the prices vary and one can spend
almost double what someone else did. Being I have no money to begin with for these
I find myself very confused and upset about the whole hearing aid replacement process.