Difficulties understanding speech NM70

I hear the noise well but I’m struggling with understanding speech even in a kind of quiet environment. I’m wearing a pair of NM70.
I’m programing them by myself and still novice, trying to figure out how all of this works.

What kind of adjustments can I do to improve this issue?

Thank you!

I found trying different fitting formulas helped.

APD was awful for me but NAL 1 works really well for me. A lot of people like NAL 2.


For speech clarity you can try to drop bass a few dB and boost the mids and highs a view dB.

And you should also try the different fitting formulas.


Hi firenzel, I am new to this and wanted to ask you what is meant by fitting formulas?

the fitting formula is setting the parameters for global tuning, and sets the prescription for target gains acording the input of the audiogramm and acoustic parameters.

Phonak Target support different fitting formulas

  • APD / APD 2.0
  • NAL-NL1
  • NAL-NL2
  • DSL v5a

APD is a proprietary fitting formula only available in Target for Phonak Hearing Aids

  • Adaptive Phonak Digital (APD)
    • APD were available for Marvel and earlier legacy devices
    • APD 2.0 is the new fitting formula available for Paradise, Lumity.

You can switch between the formula in Target
Select → FittingGlobal tuningFitting Formula

See also Phonak Target Step-by-Step Guide

default in Target is APD , or APD 2.0 (depending on the selected heraing aids) , and this default setting also could be changed in Target settings

Then you can also choose between this fitting formulas

  • DSL
  • NAN-L1
  • NAN-L2
    This are the standard fitting formulas supported by most hearing aid manufacturers
    NAL-NL1 & NAL-NL2 is a very common fitting formula for less severe hearing losses.
    Most manufacturers have modified this standard fitting formula, and made it work better with their own technology.
    Oticons proprietary fitting formula is VAC+ , e-Stat is Starkey fitting formula, ReSound using Audiogram+ fitting formula , and so does Signa, Philips, Widex have each his own proprietary fitting formulas

You can watch this course on fitting formulas on Audiology Online
Fitting Formulas: History, Principles and Clinical Applications

firenzel, thanks for the comprehensive answer!

Here is a link for more information about Phonak APD 2.0 fitting formula