Differences between Cochlear Kanso and Kanso 2

Just wondering what the difference is between the Kanso and the Kanso 2. Could upgrade here in the future and just wondering what to expect and if there are any big changes.

I was looking at the Kanso before being implanted. My decision to go with the N7 was because it wasn’t able to stream anything, it didn’t have BT. . I couldn’t answer a phone call because I couldn’t hear well enough to do so. So to be able to stream phone calls directly to my ears I needed the N7. That said with the K2 the streaming direct has been added. Also the K2 is MRI safe to 1.5 Tesla, where as the K1 wasn’t.

The biggest change is that the Kanso 2 has bluetooth capabilities. You can stream calls if you have a compatible bluetooth phone or Cochlear bluetooth accessories. The Kanso 2 is also rechargeable and does not use disposable batteries. The charger for the Kanso 2 is both a charger and a dehumidifier to dry the processor. If the Kanso would have had the bluetooth that works with my iPhone, I would have gone with the Kanso. When I was activated, I received an N7 and a backup N7. I was able to upgrade my backup N7 to a Kanso 2. I do wear both, but use the Kanso 2 the most.

My implant surgery was last July and I have the newer CI622 implant. With the Kanso 2 you will need a stronger magnet with 600 series implants. If you have an older implant, you won’t need a strong processor magnet. The magnet in the older implants is stronger and will hold the Kanso 2 with a less powerful processor magnet. The weaker magnet in the newest series of Cochlear implants is what makes them suitable for use with MRI’s. The Kanso 2 is a little heavier than the Kanso. I wear a 5I magnet with my Kanso 2 and the processor stays well on my implant and I get anywhere from 14 to 18 hours on one full charge. The time of battery life is dependent on how your processor is programmed, how much you use it, how much streaming you do, etc. I love my Kanso 2, but the processor you chose is a very personal decision based on your needs and lifestyle.