Did Phonak Target firmware updates UI change from 7.3 -> 9.0?

I seem to recall that the previous version(s) of Target that I used had a single Settings page that allowed firmware updates to various devices – HAs, NoahLink Wireless, TV Connector and maybe others (Roger?) that I don’t have – all on one page. I can’t find any such page in 9.0. Is my recall correct?

@brec Look in Trial & tools, Firmware update. I think this is what you are looking for.


Ah, yes! Now, where did I put my MAs*?

*Memory Aids

Did you mean mnemonics ? There the same but need more exercising.

Old thread I know, but I’d like to thank @raylock1 for helpful information and add more detail for other newbies like me.

Specifically: don’t look for updates on your client/session screen. That’s where I got stuck.

Instead, close your session and restart Target. On the first screen, at the bottom, you can click “Trials and tools”.

At the next screen, on the left, you can click “Firmware update”. Then you can choose whether you want to update HAs, or update various accessories, or update Noahlink wireless or iCube.

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