Devices to aid in insertion of HA?

My MIL also has Siemens Pure 500 over the ear HAs. One of her hands isn’t that flexible, apparently due to mild arthritis, and she has trouble inserting the aid in one ear. Are there any devices that make insertion a bit easier? I’m not even sure what such a device would look like, but I’m thinking this can’t be that unusual of an issue. Someone must have thought of something.

This is an issue which should have been avoided in the first place …

How do you mean? She tried in the ear first, and had problems with those too. What else is there?

In such cases (thankfully rare) I try every option possible until I run out of road.

This is all during my free trial period (which I keep extending in such cases).

Now and then (VERY rare) I can’t get a workable fit, and I won’t take money for something that won’t work.

I then suggest that the client try another supplier - just in case THEY can make a fit that works!

Other people can look at problems with a fresh eye, and if they can do better than me, so be it.

This is actually her third pair during the free trial. One small in-ear (vanity issues), one larger in-ear, and this one. I think it may also be her ear canal on one side is difficult, in addition to the handling issue. I think part of it might also be training. I can’t seem to get her to place the device on top of her ear first, and then guide the other part in. Maybe I should work on that more?

Did you try gently pulling on the ear lobe with one hand and inserting with the other hand? Also, I’m not sure if I read this on a thread about a substance that is applied to the HA to help it slide in easier. I’m sure another member with a better memory can recall if there was such a thread.
Good luck!

I use Miracell™. But I think canola oil would work just as well.

I coat my mold with it (one drop will do) and it slides in easily.

OtoEase Lubricant for Custom Plugs, Molds and Hearing Aids [B]…[/B]

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Everything mentioned here is a lubricant. I could have sworn the problem was due to manual dexterity brought on by arthritis.


A lubricant is a (possible) fix to a problem.

A newly fitted aid shouldn’t be exhibiting problems.

It would be better for the aid to be usable in the first place.

Exactly!!! Have any of you ever seen arthritic hands? If the problem is manual dexterity due to arthritis, lubrication of the aid is going to do nothing for her ability to grab, hold, or manipulate the aid into place. Nor would it be easy for her to squeeze out one drop only of lubricant, nor to spread it on the aid without getting it in the microphone or receiver areas.

I do not believe there is an answer to this quest other than a third party assisting her, such as a home assistant or home medical worker. There is no device made to help insert a hearing aid into one’s ear. Even those battery insertion devices are virtually useless to anyone who really needs them.

Thank you for the additional answers. I was actually working with her a couple of days ago and I came to the conclusion that what we need to do is more training. The biggest thing she does wrong is not put the device on top of her ear in the correct position prior to trying to insert it into her ear. If she does that, then it lines up and she just needs a straight finger to insert it. What I’m not sure of, however, is how much trouble she’ll have positioning it correctly. She was taught how to do it correctly, but I think she’s resisting or something. She can be stubborn–just like her daughter! :wink:

Well I guess the device on top of the ear to align the mold will help, but just so you know. I insert the mold first and then slide the aid behind my ear. To each his own. There’s really no correct way.

Ditto on that. I was told place the aid first, but I usually go in the ear first. It can only go one way, with the case to the top and the shape following the ear. The case then just neatly flips into place. I agree … to each his own.

Interesting. My audi definitely teaches the other way first, but in her case I think that is realistically the only way because of the dexterity issues.