Detailed Manual for Phonak Target 3

I am a geek, a nerd! I went to phonax’s web site and they have very short videos showing some of the features and a 5-10 page pdf which also glosses over features. Is there a detailed manual that goes into all of the features and uses of Target 3?


Not that I have found. But if you are a qualified audiologist or HIS authorized by Phonak to use their software or have an account with them I’m sure they would give you all the help you would need.

I simply downloaded the software and started using it. It is all fairly obvious isn’t it?

You could try posting specific questions here for help.

For instance, when i have a combo box for compression, I can see it changes the curves, but would like to know what are the parameters it is changing. I am sure when I play with it more, I can make a list of specific questions. IMHO, it has a well designed user interface that lowers the learning curve a lot.

My main reason for getting it is that I hear a fair amount of simbilance and while my audiologist played around in his office to reduce this, I figure when I am home, with TV or stereo on and hear it, I can fine tune it away… (perhaps). OK! I also got it cause I like to take as much control over my health issues as possible.