Desperate to hear on a land line

Spoiler alert. I’m technically challenged. I have KS8’s I think. I currently use them with my cell phone and can successfully hear well most of the time. I telecommute from home & just a cordless landline phone. I currently use a headphone (fits over both ears) which has volume control & I do ok, but there’s room for improvement. It’s increasingly harder to find cordless phones with headphone jacks. Does anyone know how the cordless blue tooth link 2 cell phones work? I would like to be able to use the cell as the blue tooth device & HEAR through my hearing aids on the cell phone, yet I still need to be able to have the landline number revealed on caller ID. So technically, need to make a call from my landline using my cell phone? Is this possible? Also, on the days where I don’t want to use my hearing aid, can I just pair a blue tooth headphone with the blue tooth enabled landline?

Pati, not sure if your KS8s have a special program like the Acoustic Phone on my Phonak Marvel aids. I have that program set up and dedicated to landline phones. I can use ANY landline, ANYwhere, and hear almost as good as a streamed call. The program acts like a stereophonic “streamer” of sorts, as it somehow boosts the audiio and sends it to BOTH ears.

Check it out for the KS8s or seriously think of getting new aids with more functionality. I TOTALLY empathize with your situation, cuz half the time someone is tossing me a phone to talk to someone or I’m traveling and using a landline phone someplace and believe me, Acoustic Phone is a LIFE-SAVER for hearing calls.

They do have this feature, but it doesn’t seem to work that well for me, but thanks for responding. I had kind of forgotten about it & will try it again.

I don’t know if this will help in your situation but have you considered captioning for your cell phone? I have both CaptionCall and InnoCaption on my cell phone and can read what is said to me.

I can hear on my cell phone, just not with my land line.

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I don’t know what make of cordless you have, but if we assume (which can get me into trouble) it’s a Panasonic than here is how i believe it works:
You can make or take calls on the Landline Headset using your cell phone.
That would negate the hearing aids connected to your cell phone from working.
Caller ID should work.
You can pair a bluetooth headset in addition to the Link2Cell.
Video describing Link2Cell.

There is a phone that is free for those of us with hearing impairment. This is because of the ADA. I think it might be called caption call. There is a captioning free service that helps. There’s also a free app for cell phones that works well.

Look into an Ooma voip telephone line. You can port your landline phone number to it, hook your current cordless phone to it. And it has an app for your smartphone that you can takes and receive calls from that - so you can use your hearing aids.

This stuff is so beyond my ability to grasp. When you say “that would negate the hearing aids connected to your cell phone from working,” does this mean I won’t be able to hear on the cell phone using my hearing aids?

The call is routed to your landine, so yes, no streaming to your hearing aids.
I’m pretty sure you can use your wireless headset ,though, so you still would get the benefit of handsfree.
I know this is pretty heady stuff, but if you google link2 cell, there a lot of tutorials.

Hm. It could be a frequency issue where you may need to tweak the frequencies a bit on that Acoustic Phone program. Give it another try! It’s the cheapest, simplest solution to hearing any landline call.

You’d need to take the aids in to an audi, call up the Acoustic Phone program, and test it out right there with frequency adjustments made till you feel comfy with the sound quality in that program. It takes patience and persverence and a caring audi to get you where you want to be. :slight_smile: