Day 5 of a Lyric 4 trial and it's making my tinnitus worse

I’m new here. I’ve spent days googling everything I can about this and decided to ask for help/input from others. I have annoying tinnitus, mostly in my right ear, and I finally saw an audiologist about it. I don’t think I have hearing loss (she didn’t say anything about that), but she wanted me to try a clinical trial of the Lyric 4 hearing aid, which is supposed to help.

I had it put in my ears 5 days ago, and I return for a follow up visit in 2 weeks. I know I have to give it time, get used to it, etc. The first few hours was weird, hearing everything, but I thought my tinnitus might be a little better. That first night I slept great! My tinnitus is most bothersome at night and I usually forget about it during the day. But every day since then, it’s gotten worse, and now my ears are roaring every second of every day.

I went to a restaurant and it was unbearable. It’s definitely worse in my right ear. I used the magnet wand and lowered the volume to the lowest level (I don’t know what it was originally on) that didn’t work, so I put it on level 2, thinking louder might help drown out the ringing, but that was worse, so I put it back on level 1.

It’s taking everything I have not to rip these things out of my ears. I’m trying to give it a solid chance and let my ears get used to it, but the ringing is much, much worse, I’m unable to distract myself from it like I usually can with my tinnitus, but everything I read online says this is supposed to HELP, not hurt it!!

I’m now worried that when these finally come out of my ears at my follow up appointment in 11 days, that it would have somehow made my hearing/tinnitus permanently worse. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I just wait it out? I’m going crazy here, and can’t get any work done which is only causing me more stress.

I would not wait for the 2 week follow up. I would get in ASAP. Lyric has been quite effective in helping with tinnitus but everyone is different. You don’t show your audiogram, which would help, but if it is that bad get back in.

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I’d probably take them out.

But don’t rip them out. Lyric always has to come out slow and gentle.