Cutting holes on the power domes for rite aids

Not being an expert on sound waves and such, what would people in the know recommend on how to cut these power domes.

I put 2mm Holes in my Tulip Domes to cut down on occlusion.

Works like a charm

People spend all this money on aids then go an try to alter them themselves. Interesting.

Based on the theory that all people are not created equally.

The dome options available to us hearing aids wearers is very limited when ones ear canals fall outside the cookie cutter mold offered by various hearing aid mfg’s. I have small canals and the left one has an upward turn. Neither canal can be fitted comfortably with power receivers made by Oticon(which is a total bummer as I loved the Oticon sound). Phonak offers a smaller power receiver for the Smart. Although I’m not totally in love with the Smart’s I have adapted. Tulip dome in left ear so that I may use the phone and modified power dome in the right to achieve the gain needed without feedback issues.

In the UK Phonak/Unitron have replaced the tulip dome with 3 sizes of circular closed dome … a sort of filled-in open dome. More lightweight than a power dome.

I can hear mostly better on the phone with a tulip dome(depending on the persons voice on the other end) My modified power dome does not let enough sound through for phone use :frowning:

Is the material for the replacement tulip dome heavier than the original material?

I have the Smart IX with power receivers and small pointed open domes. After trying several different dome types, these seem to fit my ears best with no occlusion and open enough that I can use the phone normally. I also have no feedback issues.

The fitting software needs to know what kind of dome you are using in order to program the output to the receiver to compensate for your hearing loss. For example, the lows are given more gain if an open dome is used but are given less gain if a power dome is used.

This means that when you modify a power dome it is no longer a power dome and you need to program your fitting software accordingly.