Custom Molds?

I have problem with powermolds. They simply dont seal and feedback occurs and I can not achieve oticon targets (adoption step 3, without teflon tape even 2 make a lot fb). Aids are Oticon Agil power.

They are CIC/MIC stile hard plastic (not acryl) and my audi dont offer any kind of soft silicon or soft coating for plastic one. I have big in ear jaw movement. I believe coating would make it better, because i tried teflon tape and it make things better.

What are my options? Is there any do it yourself coating to order?
Audi will gave me 3d scans if i can find online where to get molds. I saw years ago some firm who make molds, but forgot name.

The problem isn’t with the mold, it is with a poor quality electronic feedback management system. I see that you have a pretty bad loss, but modern hearing devices should be able to handle this kind of output, especially on a BTE fitting without feedback being a problem, without having to go to the effort of stuffing the ears with a soft tight fitting mold.

The company I work for has over 220 earmold design / material combinations, not including different color options. So there should be a lot to choose from from a premium manufacturer. And feedback should not really be an issue if the aids are modern and of good quality.

While probably not best in FB management on market, i believe Oticon Agils Pro (Power receiver) are quite modern instruments.
Problem is when i smile (slight outer ear movement occur) or open jaw - fb occure. Also fit are not tight even in closed jaw - no fb, but i can hear fb measure kicking in (then again if tape is used closed jaw - no fbm sound distortions).

Do your company take order online?
I need company who do take orders online an can ship to me. I can send impressions or scaned one if there is standard formats used (audi will gave me copy of file).

Well again, if you are hearing the feedback counter measures kicking in, that’s old fashioned. Starkey removed that problem in about 2008.

Where are you located? It is better if the person who takes the impression places the order so you can discuss with them exactly what you want.

Starkey make molds for many independents, also Audibel, Microtech, Nu-Ear and others. Odds are that where you live there is someone close who can order your molds for you.

Private message me if you don’t want to share this information on the forum. I might even be able to point you in the right direction, as far as where to get the mold from.

Rather than blaming one manufacturer or another for the degree of feedback control, I have one question:

Was it You or the Audiologist why decided that a CIC was the best option for a ski-slope loss down to 90/100dB with a know dynamic TMJ causing fit issues?

Oh, i apologize for confusion. I forgot that Oticon made Agil CIC too.

My Aids are behind the ear Agil Pro Rite with Power receiver and power mold in ear (and power mold are one step above cic/mic, but not full ite size).
Once again, i apologize for not been clear enough.

I need good Powermold for Oticon Power RITE Receiver. Is there any options to order online because my Audi make only hard skintoned ones and no coating? Its same in my country for all other Audi’s.

Ok it was my mistake in assuming you had CIC.

In that case what you want is a custom silicon canal mould possibly with a small adjustable vent. It’s quite possible to order these whatever country you are in. I tend to use Arlignton/Starkey for them here as they understand that when I ask for something specific on the order - I actually mean it.

Sometimes they will suggest a material change, like the option of soft-acrylic to retain the receiver position better or be a bit more sturdy. All you audiologist needs to do is send a decent impression and proper instruction off with a set of receivers an they can be made within a week or so.

Thank you for informations.
Can you, please, point me to their website or any contact?

In my country (Croatia, Europe) Company who sold Oticon have their Lab and they dont have any option beside hard skintone CIC material made PowerMould. And they dont order form anywhere. They will provide me with impression or 3d scaned one.

I found Westone, but dont know if they make molds for dealer only or for customers too. I sent e-mail, so waiting their reply.

You might still need to go through the dealer, or at least another one: getting a clear mould made should be easy for any dealer. You might not be able to order directly without an account.

Since you live in Europe, you should ask Dreve or Egger to help you with your problem…



there is an online earmold order here:

Thanks you very much.
I send email to Dreve, Egger and Westone asking about what options i have because i am only a customer, not specialist.

May i ask what price usualy custom power earmold can cost?

I don’t know exactly but I think 20 to 50 euros would be a fair price.

Unfortunately, only firm who responded was Dreve, and they deal with firm who sold me aids and offer nothing but hard plastic powermould with no any soft coating. Its probably not foult of Dreve, but firm in my country offer only their basic products.
I am little desperate, because they can not make it to hold adoption step 2, never mind 3 (target) without feedback when i smile or talk unless its like aged actor on botox.

Do i have any options?

You or your audiologist should send the 3d scans to Dreve.