Custom fit Moulds

yep that is just about the same as my ear molds. And it does work great most times. But I still have my left one work loose if I move my jaw in certain ways, or rub my ear, or take on or off my glasses without be careful.

Note the wear on the side of my aid. This is from my glasses. Both glasses and hearing aid sit on my ear side by side. No issue taking glasses off and on or taking aid out or in.

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You could try OTOFERM. Look it up on line. It’s a German product available on line through multiple sources. It is a water soluble cream like toothpaste that is absorbed by the skin in the ear canal. I use it sometimes when my moulds seem to be in less than perfect contact. It should be applied VERY sparingly to the moulds themselves. The size of the tube is very small and should last a long time if used properly

Some ear canals are harder to get a snug fit than others. Your audiologist should do a better job of fitting your ear molds. They may need to go deeper into the ear or extend out more. He should try a different more huggable material. The acrylic ear molds are the most slippery. He may need to send the ear molds to a different vendor.

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It worked for me in the pasy

Whoever your HCP sends your impression to should consider how the shape of your ear canal and ear lobe could be used to anchor the mold - you don’t necessarily have to have an external canal lock. With my ReSound silicone molds, they seem to have a notch that catches my crux helicis. They stay put all day long with all the eating, talking, yawning, etc., one can do. OTH, if there is nothing around the ear canal opening to anchor to, as with Raudrive’s mold, an external protrusion may be necessary.

My ear canals have more “waviness” or curvature to anchor the molds, too. So some folks due to genetic and developmental “kaleidoscopes” end up with more canal/ear lobe features to take advantage of in designing a mold.

Edit_Update: And picture of the mold inserted: Widex Evoke Custom Mold popping out

My most recent custom molds were made with a canal lock but they still start slipping partway out after a couple hours, and my ears do not get wet. Still staying home due to being told I fall under a category considered covid immunocompromised, I had to improvise by buying a set of various size generic domes from Amazon that seem to stay in more snugly than either my custom molds or the standard domes that I wore before getting custom molds made. They seem to be made of a grippier material and the tubular portion that encloses the receiver is a little longer so that I can push them in a little deeper than the standard domes. With various sizes I was able to do the Goldilocks bit to find the ones that seemed to fit just right. The cost was nominal and well worth it.

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I use DIY silicone ear molds.They never come out and I can’t even feel them in my ears. I got the kit from this seller:

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I have used this style of canal lock molds for a long time and have a great fit for 16 hours per day. I tried the domes and a partial canal lock with not a lot of success. Always had feedback problems.

There are a few reasons:

  1. Poor impression resulting in improper fit. The impression was not not deep enough, didn’t pass a second bend.
  2. Wrong style of the earmold. You might have a collapsing ear canal and instead “canal” you should be fitted with "skeleton’.
    Unfortunately, Oticon doesn’t offer free remake in your case.

get a long canal lock should make alkl the difference

Thanks everyone for your advice.
After trying domes, I have noticed that if i use power domes/double domes I really get a good snug fitting for the entire day. The power domes really gives me a perfect fit throught the day without popping out.
But again, with power domes, i get very occluded feeling & it seems the overall sound is very less compared to Moulds (with 1 mm vent).
The single bass domes seems to be much comfortable than power domes with regards to occlusion. But needs to be pushed in the canal couple of times. It doesnt have perfect snug fits like the power domes.

the power domes doesnt have any vents. The bass domes have one tiny vent, which reduces the occluded effect for me.

What is your hearing sensitivity at low frequencies between 250-1000 Hz? What is the worst number for high frequencies (4-6K Hz)?

I had the same issue during my first trials and my Audi had to redo the mold for 3 times. I found the double domes would snug better all day till I go home and have dinner. Yes, I have occlusion and it’s getting worse if I catch cold but sounds perspective is good most of the day. Due to COVID, Didn’t have the chance to visit my Audi lately (since January) . I guess it’s time for a check up.

I am using the Opn S1 miniRITE for about 1 year now. Because of the curving of my ear canals molds were made. The first set of molds was replaced because they were slipping out very easy, and because the receivers were being covered by the wall of the canal - if I pulled the molds slightly out of the canal, hearing would improve immediately but the hearing aids would slip out. I have a turn in the right ear canal of about 60-70 degrees. To a much lesser extent I have the same issue in my left ear. My audi took new casts of both canals and had the right side mold made slightly longer and both sides individually shaped such that they would not get covered by the walls. The air vents on each side were differently located to keep the wall from covering the receiver. Third, to prevent them from sliding out, the molds were extended on the outside to sit firmer in the concha. The attached pictures might give you an idea of how they are shaped. The costs for the molds were included in the purchase price of the hearing aids.


Here are my KS9’s with DIY silicone earmolds and a picture of one in my ear.

Per the instructions I use a dome on the receiver to protect the outlet tube when doing the molding. I roll the mixed silicone out into a long thin rod and then wind it around the receiver before putting it in my ear.

I had bad occlusion effects with my left ear and mild effects in my right ear. The grooves you see in the photo are vents that I made to fix the occlusion effects. I used a razor blade to cut the grooves. The instructions suggested using a small file for this.

I paid something like $30 for the silicone kit and have made 5 or 6 sets of earmolds for various reasons. I probably have enough left for several more sets if needed.


I just received my custom slim tips having 1.5mm vent.
The fitting is so comfortable. No feedback atall.
just that after 3 hours or so, I feel its bit lose…hence have to remove them…wipe the tips with tissue/cloth, clean my canals with q-tips and then it fits well again for the next few hours.
I guess my ears are bit oily, hence after few hours the tips seems to slip a bit.

This seems to be an excellent solution. Thanks for sharing.
I would love to try this option.
I tried to look for this seller online, but no luck.

Incase you find any seller, please forward me the link so I can order.