Custom fit Moulds

I am currently using custom fit hard acrylic mould (size approx 2cm) for my OPN1 minirite (RIC). This is the third time I have customize the moulds, as the previous moulds was also having lose fit.
I do get a proper snug fit when i put the mould in the ear early morning. Approx for the first 2 hours its very comfortable.
However after 2 hours or so, it becomes bit lose & pops out every time. I get the worst fitting after using the aid continuously for more than 3-4 hours.
Is there a way I can have a proper snug fit throught the day.
Its very frustrating & inconvenience to keep on pushing them every 10-15 minutes for a proper fit.
Is there any cream or gel to apply on the mould so that they dont pops out & I can have perfect fit for the entire day?

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I also wear the acrylic custom ear molds with my OPNS1 Minirite hearing aids, I love them, but my left mold does fit looser then my right one. I have always had issues with my left hearing aids fitting loose. This is the first set of Minirite aids I have had, all before have been custom ITE aids. I have to say that my Minirite aids with the custom ear molds sounds great, and the feel is about the same as my ITE aids, I do not even notice the over the ear part of my aids anymore.

Good to know that you are very much happy with these aids.
Please advise if you have found any solution for the lose fitting of custom mould?

Does it become loose because your ear gets wet?

I wear an aid with an ear mould, my ear becomes slightly wet after wearing it for a few hours so the mould feels slightly loose then the morning.

Have you tried Auragel?

If it were me, I’d get moulds made that had a canal lock.


Yes, I guess my canals becomes little wet.
But here in office, its difficult for me to remove the aids, clean the ears and moulds & put it back again every 2 hours.
Is there any gel/cream etc?

I havent tried any gel/cream as of now.

Auragel - will it help to retain the moulds in place?
pls let me know. Thanks

That is interesting but I have the opposite issue, when I go out an hike and I sweat my ear molds become tighter as if they had suction holding them in. And yes I do have vents be the vents are very small.

Auragel should help. Its a water based gel.

I don’t think this is an issue that an application of some product will solve. I think you need a better fit. Did they do an open mouth fit, closed mouth fit, have you move your jaw during set of the mold compound?

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while taking the impressions I was told to open-close my mouth for 2-3 times.

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Yep it has been the only way I could get a good fit, even then my left mold will slip sometimes. But hack I have always been lopsided. I guess it goes along with being left handed.

As mentioned earlier, molds with a canal lock should help you. I have these in silicone and they stay put all day.
Good luck.


I will check with audiologist if this option is available.
By any chance you have the pic? just curios to see how this canal lock looks.

Do an internet search to see many styles of molds. It can be very helpful.

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yep that is just about the same as my ear molds. And it does work great most times. But I still have my left one work loose if I move my jaw in certain ways, or rub my ear, or take on or off my glasses without be careful.

Note the wear on the side of my aid. This is from my glasses. Both glasses and hearing aid sit on my ear side by side. No issue taking glasses off and on or taking aid out or in.

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You could try OTOFERM. Look it up on line. It’s a German product available on line through multiple sources. It is a water soluble cream like toothpaste that is absorbed by the skin in the ear canal. I use it sometimes when my moulds seem to be in less than perfect contact. It should be applied VERY sparingly to the moulds themselves. The size of the tube is very small and should last a long time if used properly

Some ear canals are harder to get a snug fit than others. Your audiologist should do a better job of fitting your ear molds. They may need to go deeper into the ear or extend out more. He should try a different more huggable material. The acrylic ear molds are the most slippery. He may need to send the ear molds to a different vendor.

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