CRE-E10 problems

I purchased these over a year ago. Sound quality is excellent and customer service qis outstanding. But these devices have a fatal flaw: they are easy to lose. Though I use the largest & best fitting sleeve, they loosen and fall out easily, especially when I bend forward.

A month ago I was wearing them when I entered a crowded music venue. I had a mask around my neck so I pulled it up, trying to stay safe from COVID, and I left immediately. 5 minutes later I found that I had apparently dislodged one of the hearing aids. I returned to the venue the next day, searched the foor on my hands and knees, searched the street and sidewalk with no joy. Sony tells me they cannot replace the single aid but will sell me a new set at a 30% reduction. I’ll pass. Much as I liked their quality, I would not risk buying these again, even at a steep discount.

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Masks are a real problem with all hearing aids, @Member205. One clinic that I’ve used, told me that when Covid first hit, they found a number of hearing aids in their parking lot each day before people got used to wearing masks with hearing aids in their eats. People have had the same problem with ear buds.

If you’re not going to replace your Sony CRE-E10, which I also have found to provide great sound, then what will you be using instead?

I don’t know yet what I would replace the CRE-E10 with. I don’t want to wear a tether. I am just starting to research what might stay in ear more firmly. Afraid I may have to go to much more expensive molded in-ear design. But I’m frugal, so may just get some much cheaper option like Audien. Or perhaps other innovations will be available in the near future. Until I figure this out, I’m a one-hearing-aid kind of a guy.

Face masks for hearing aid wearers - I use Moldex N95 disposable respirator masks as they have a single strap that goes around the back of the head and avoids the ears.
That way my RIC BTE hearing aids don’t get pulled off when I take the mask off.
They are a molded mask (in 3 sizes) that fits closely to the wearer’s face shape so hence the N95 rating.

A Sony CRE-E10 with a 30% discount is a heck of a deal.

If you do decide to buy the cre e10 again, if you haven’t already done so, try experimenting with the different sizes of click sleeves included. I have never had an issue with the fit or any feeling that they might slip out. They should fit snugly but comfortably. Also, as stated in the instructions, your ear canals could differ so a different sized click sleeve might be needed for each canal.

EDIT: I note you said you were using the largest click sleeve. Perhaps the next size down will achieve a deeper and more secure fit.

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Good luck with your search!