Crazy Problem with Smart Direct for KS8 Since Update on iPhone

Since updating the Smart Direct app on my iPhone SE, several weird and very annoying things have been happening. If I go into the app to change the program, it is sometimes in Demo Mode. When I deactivate Demo Mode, it says that I’ve updated my HA’s and I need to re-pair them in settings. Sometimes, I don’t get the Demo Mode, right away, but just the message about the update & re-pairing. After doing that, I get Demo Mode, and have to deactivate it, which is successful. Yesterday, this nonsense happened FOUR times. It’s inconvenient, to say the least to have to keep repairing throughout the day, especially as the batteries fall out easily when the door is opened, something that was never a problem with the Phonak Brio 2’s. Is anyone else having this problem? Maybe I just need to delete the app and reinstall.

No recent upgrade, but no problems. But I have Android.

Yep, I am having the exact same problem and yep it IS a nuisance being forced to go thru the “repair” steps.
Will check with COSTCO I used for source of my KS8s, post what they say.

I have the KS8s with telecoil. When using the Smart Direct app and then activating the MFI capability on my iPad I had a problem where Smart Remote wouldn’t control my hearing aids. I deleted then reinstalled Smart Direct, then turned off the MFI feature where it says “Control Nearby Devices”. Now I only use the iPad to monitor my aids, but not control them. Seems to work ok now.

Sorry you’re having the same problem, but good to know I’m not alone. I suspect it’s a bug in the app. I found that if I go to settings>general>accessibility>mfi hearing devices>“my” hearing aids, I am able to change the presets there, even though I can’t in the app. Unfortunately, my Costco audiologist is not very experienced, so I’m looking forward to your results.

In spite of what I posted earlier that seemed to fix the Connexx Smart Remote app I have found that to get it to start controlling my HAs again, I need to delete the app and reinstall it. No need to pair the aids again though. Is anyone familiar with the Kirkland control app. Maybe it’s only for Apple phones?