Crackly Phonak Naida Paradise on Bluetooth calls

Hey all!

Hope you are well! Been using the Naida Paradise BTEs for a while with an Iphone 12 and Google Pixel phone. I noticed on phone calls/whatsapp calls there is a really horrible crackling noise I can hear when people talk to me. Note that it disappears completely when just streaming music! Also people on the other end of my calls can’t hear any crackling.

Any ideas? I’m thinking its some sort of weird mic conflict issue.,

Common complaint with the Marvel and Paradise.

Lots of info on this forum.

I have P90s. I read on here a recommendation fix snd it does work fir me. Shut your phone off each morning and then turn back on. You are good for the day! I know it works, for me, as I’ll start to make a call, and even the ringing is crackly, so hang up, turn iPhone, off & on, make same call, no crackle. Hope this helps.

Thank you. I’ll try it.

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