COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects: "I Can't Hear You"

Edit: Link to the table in PDF


I’ve met folks with post covid hearing loss and tinnitus but not from the vax. Ouch.



@WhiteHat Sad times we’re living in.

This is very misleading. The authors of the journal article came to the opposite conclusion.


A better question, would be:
Risk of serious illness or death without the vaccine.
The family of my wife’s friend already know the answer.


@MDB Looking at the table it does suggest that the numbers are double post vaccine, I tend to trust the raw data.

Note: if you read the comments at the bottom of the article you will have a better understanding.


I did read the comments at the bottom. Taking data out of context and making very strong claims about what it means is always dubious in my book. Feel free to believe what you wish. I doubt we have any common ground to discuss this.


Every vaccine/medication known to man has risks involved post vaccination/medication. Every person having these vaccinations/medications should be aware of this fact, and do your own research first.

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@Deaf_piper For Covid vax the risks weren’t obvious/known and big pharmas weren’t transparent to begin with.
The question is:
If this hearing loss is induced by the vax, then is there a way to reverse it?
And if there is a way, then could the solution help other forms of hearing loss?


So, I know that Baltazard is a diehard anti-vaxxer and will not be convinced. But for others who might be worried, the highlighted rrs in this supplementary table do not adjust for vaccination status. The vaccine exposure rrs are in the bottom half of the table and they don’t show any effect. The top rrs are literally just age, so these data show that older individuals are more likely to experience sudden hearing loss. Stop the presses.

Enlightening, though, that Peter McCollough doesn’t understand how to read the table and doesn’t take the time to check his understanding before making claims.


Damn you with your understanding of the tabulated scientific data…….!

(I had mild Tinnitus after my second Pfizer jab. I’m guessing it was the antibody agitant)

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@Neville I don’t think an MD, MPH, (has broadly published on a range of topics in medicine with > 1000 publications and > 660 citations in the National Library of Medicine, see biography below) with a spotless track record will misled people.
And I’ve said it before, I am not against vaccines, but they need to stand to scrutiny, which in the case of covid Vax didn’t, they’ve been forced on the population.
Not to mention the witch-hunt anyone who is against the vax is subjected to.
If Dr MucCullough have highlighted something then it is for the people who know, and I don’t think he is a liar or wants to misled.
Now with the upcoming lawsuits against the CDC and healthcare establishment and pharma, things will become much clearer.
“Stop the presses” “Peter McCollough doesn’t understand”, not sure what’s that, if you are so concerned, why not get in touch with him, here is his website:

And let him know he is wrong in his understanding of the table, please do let us posted.

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@Um_bongo it could be the juice!

As I mentioned before, there is no common ground to discuss. I looked at his website. To you he is some kind of honorable scientific crusader. To me he’s a snake oil salesman.


Here is something to relax you:

So was Jesus, wasn’t he?
Wasn’t he a victim of witch-hunt by his own, by the Jews or are we going to re-write history?

I don’t think Jesus was selling products for a profit.


I don’t think there is any mention of any product.
I was sharing some information regarding a link between Covid Vax and Hearing loss.
Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, highlighted data on the author’s table, and he commented on that.
Now he is selling stuff on his website or not, he is free, it’s his website, but here is one of his testimony and let me know if he is selling anything there:

Oh by the way, check the comments at the bottom of the video and tell them they are wrong.

Scroll down his webpage that you linked. He runs “The Wellness Company” and he sells “Dr. McCollough’s Signature Products”


Here is some background: