Could my ear receive a CI?


I had MRI and CT yesterday (to check whether my ear could receive a CI). Do these reports indicate that I’m qualified for it or an audiologist/ specialist has to look at the imagings first before assuming that?

**I had it to know whether I have to start saving for the CI as it’s not possible to have it with a government medical insurance. I don’t know how long it will take me to save this big amount of money but I will not give up. 🙂

The MRI seems to be completely normal so I doubt there’s any issue with the MRI. However I’m not sure what they’re looking for. They MIGHT be looking for measurements in some specific area. Where are you in the process? Have you been referred to an ENT surgeon? Talking to your doctors or the company of the implant maker (Cochlear for example) would likely get you more specific info.



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I contacted Al Nahar company. They told me that they are the last step. They don’t have discounts or other ways to have it with a cheaper price.

The audiologist was the one who wrote the MRI and CT to me.

As for the government insurance, I was told that they only do CI for children under 5. There is a lot of red tape and bureaucracy here. There’s also inflation and lack of dollars so I’m not what my chances are!

It doesn’t sound like you’ve seen a surgeon yet. It sounds like the audiologist has decided that you’re a candidate but the ultimate decision would be made by you and the surgeon. At some point before moving forward you need to get a complete price (Surgeon, cost of implant, cost of facility, anesthesia, and any other costs) Hopefully you could get this price from one source rather than having to make multiple inquiries. Once you have this price and information from the surgeon, you’ll need to decide if the potential to hear better again is worth the cost (or even if saving the money for the cost is feasible)

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Generally they are looking to see if any of the anatomy is abnormal and that all structures/nerves are in the correct position. Particularly facial and aural nerves.

I’m not a Dr, this is a question that needs to be answered by your surgeon.

@Zeeza also needs a full evaluation of their hearing.


No, I haven’t seen a surgeon yet. At this point, I just want to know whether my ear could receive a CI or not. Accordingly, I could see what’s next and check my options.

The initial price that the audiologist said was $10000. Of course, I want to hear better but as I mentioned before, I don’t know how long it will take me to save this amount of money!

I had a hearing assessment recently. The discrimination and hearing in the left ear is low.

I will see whether it’s possible to see a surgeon!

Did you have a 2 hour assessment?

@Deaf_piper I have never had an assessment that long!

That’s how long the evaluation process is for a CI in most countries. But what your country does I can’t say. You best shot is to see a CI surgeon.