Costco Rexton Update?

Everyone seems pretty informed on the new Phillips but I can’t find much on Rexton.

I was hoping they would get the newest Signia Silk charge n go IX. Any chance there would be an update relatively soon? I really like my Sony CRE-C10s and would love to update them! Plus I’m right at the limit for them and the prescription models have a little more latitude for amplification.

The Rexton Reach has Signia’s new IX technology. It was released in February. I called Rexton a while ago to ask when the Reach would be in Costco and I was told to expect it in Costco “late spring or early summer. That sounds like June or July to me.

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Just saw new Rexton Reach at Costco 6 June 24.


What is “Costco 6”??

Looks like today: June 6,2024


Yes, it’s confirmed. Costco stores have the Rexton Reach (aka: Signia Pure Charge&Go IX) available in stores now.


I checked the website and it looks they don’t have the Silk clones in the US.

These are Signia Pure Charge&Go IX clones.

I ordered a pair. The price hasn’t changed. I have an appointment to be fitted next Wednesday.


I was hoping for the Silks, but I’m picking up some Jabra Pro 20s Sunday that I ordered a couple of weeks ago to try out.

Seems like you’ve been waiting for them, what do you like about Rexton? They don’t seem get much attention.

They have a very natural sound while speech is clear and they perform surprisingly well in noisy situations. I’m setting here poolside with lots of conversation around me and a small plane just flew fairly low overhead. I heard the conversation clearly. Not perfect with my current Bi-cores but I’m hoping that the Reach is even better. An extra benefit is that the battery life is unbelievable and the portable Carrie’s 3 charges even when not plugged in.


Please let us know how you like the Rexton Reach. I have worn Signia aids for 20 years up until this February. I paid $7000 for the Real1 and am having trouble with speech because I hear every surrounding sound but. Also chose the audi with 40 years experience and have been handed off to a audi that just graduated. So I don’t know if unhappy with Reals or just audi or both. Also audiologists here only give you 2 weeks to try them.


Interesting, @Artist . . .

I wore the Rexton Bi-Cros aids for about a month or so last summer and currently am wearing them again for the past few weeks. I’ll be getting the Reaches in a few days and then will begin trialing a pair of Intents as well a couple of weeks after that. So, I’ll be doing a lot of comparisons. And we’ll have some things in common.

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I just signed into my Costco account and looked at the offers in the Hearing Aid Center and they still show Rexton Bi-Core not Reach. Scheduled for June 20 testing and want the Reach, so I am hoping they will be available at that time.

Maybe they are rolling out slowly and I will need to get something else or travel to a Costco location that has them. Love that Costco 6 months trial period. (One reviewer thought it was ridiculous because no one needs 6 months to trial hearing aids, but I think it is a great sales technique - and I’m guessing most of the people do not return them beyond maybe 3 months - unless they are watching for new releases to swap to before their 6 months are up.)

The Costco website is often behind in posting current hearing aid models. The only solid way to know what they’re currently carrying is to stop by and ask or call.

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The Costco near me is now selling Reach.