COstco - Resound (Forza)

I purchased the Resound Forza hearing aids($1299.00) each plus $165 remote. $27578.00 total.
Hearing loss approximately 40-60db(0-4k)…then drops to 80(6-8k)

  1. Costco claims the Forza is a 16 frequency channel hearing aid?
    What Resound model is close to this Forza version?

  2. How have others found the performance of the Forza?
    Seems adequate but $2748 is alot of money.

  3. Are the cheaper remotes(re-conditioned) availoable ont he market as $165 seems steep.

  4. Which batteries are the best/cheapest to use with this product? I will probably keep buying batteries from Costco.

  5. Reliability - what is the quality of FORZa and how long will they last ebfore damage?

Resoound technical support would NOT communicate with me on the Forza product. The lady just told me go back to Costco who have limited comprehension of the techincal detaiuls.

  1. didn’t see where they do but if they did and it wasn’t true ReSound would drop the hammer on them.
    go here and download whatever you are interested in reading.
  2. anything of the same quality not from Costco would cost you $2748 or more each.
  3. $165 seems a fair if not good price.
  4. within reason batteries are batteries. some seem to think the ones with mercury are better.
  5. I don’t believe ReSound has quality problems… most likely the answer will depend on how you treat them. (get yourself a dry and store)

Resoound technical support would NOT communicate with me no ones technical support is going to deal directly with a customer.

Sounds like you have a serious lack of confidence in Costco if you are within the 90 day window return them.

Mick’s right. ReSound always tells customers to go through their audiologist for support. And assuming your aids are correctly adjusted–and wherever you get hearing aids, this can take two or three return trips–comparable performance from aids bought outside of Costco would cost over $3000 if not over $4000 with taxes, so you did well. Let go of the buyer’s remorse. Good, new hearing aids today are expensive. Costco’s batteries are a good value, as are the ones sold on this website. Treat your Forzas well including using a drying device daily, and you should get 5-10 years out of them. By then newer technology will be worth an upgrade anyway in all likelihood.

How many channels is the Resound Forza???

SPecification sheet “claims” 15 bands and 4 programmable modes.
ConsumerGuidehearing…claims the Aler9 is 17 channels. Not sure what model Forza is comparable to in Resound product line.

No mention of channels.

COstco claimed the Rexton Kirkland Signature model was 16 frequency channels but the other audiologist claimed Siemens refutted the Rexton claim.

Finally, hearing aids are NOT taxable in Washington state. Hearing aid devices(batteries, remote, phone clips) are taxable but no hearing aids.
So, no savings on taxes at Costco.

Unless you have an unusual loss, 5 to 8 channels is plenty. More is usually just promotion of more expensive models. Ed

The sales tax thing would only be important if you were comparing aids bought at Costco (or a local audiologist) to aids bought on the web, which I don’t recommend anyway, and yeah, okay, that wouldn’t matter where you live.

Also agree with Ed. Number of channels is more a focus of marketing hype than real performance, unless your model falls well short, and ReSound aids generally will not do this… they’ll have enough channels for you. Focusing on number of channels to pick between models would be like buying a stereo receiver that claimed 50 watts per channel more than another. You’d never hear the difference. It’s just a number they like to advertise.

Funny, you say I’m confused. WRONG.
I have merely tried to show the Rexton product is the Kirkland Signature(Same).

Siemens Germany ons Rexton who manufactures the Kirkland Signature product.
Rexton is based in Minnesota, US.

Siemens, USknows NOTHING about Rexton o Rexton products. Thus Siemen hearing aids in US are a different company than Siemens Germany.

Confused??? lol

I still cannot get accurate information on the Resound FORZA hearing aid which the number of channels is NOT defined by REsound or Costco in any literature.

Costco employee tried telling me it had 15 or 16 channels and I corrected her telling the specification web sheet called out 15 bands NOT channels.

THus still cannot compare the specs of Resound Forza as Resound refuses to communicate and Costco is poorly trained to know specifications.

$1300 each for the ReSound is a great price. That would normally get you a 4-channel aid with no wireless if you went to a private audiologist. If you really want to know the channels, just bring up the software next time you’re at Costco and count them on screen.

Bullcrap is a classy feedback?


I see you respodned to everything but the request for # of channels of Forza.

Isn’t it just easier to say “I DON"T KNOW” than attack with "bullcrap and drama?

Costco dispensers do not seem to techncially to undertand the differences between :
frequency channels - how Rexton phrases it’s hearing aid
channels - way other manufacturers phrase it’s product
band - frequency band…but Costco only shook it’s head after I explained
programmable modes - number of settings…nothing to do with channels.

In programming there are usually amplitudes to increase sound and AGC for compression. But Costco cannot explain the specs for Kirkland SIgnature(Rexton product) or Resound.

That is why I am asking on this forum.

Mick Shu is our resident Mr. Negativity. Every board has one. I read the good advice he gives, and ignore the rest. Just let the BS slide over the top of your head.

THanks. I am origianlly trying to get teh question answered about the Forza product and # of channels but the response ignore this question and just suggest I should be happy with what I got.

This is not productive consumer comparision shopping advise.

with your HotRod attitude I suspect Costco would be happy to take you business elsewhere. as you have already been told the very simple answer to your question would be to open the software and count the channels across the screen.

Mick Shu is our resident Mr. Negativity yes it gets very old watching the same old question being ask and usually with an attitude when if folks would read or do some simple online research they could answer their own questions I’m sure if someone from Costco came on here and said they have xx number of channels (or bands) he would still question it. I’ll even bet if he would contact ReSounds sales dept via email he could probably get his answer. Buyers remorse is a terrible thing.

You are just a silly old crabapple. :smiley: But I do appreciate your opinions and honesty.

Thanks. USually, on a forum a jerk respects posts instead of inflaming the debate.

If Mick knew anything specific about the Forza he probably would have noted iot instead of side-tracking the discussion.

Doesn’t say alot for the forum when a President attacks a poster.

I have found 2 different companies over the internet that supersede Costco’s LOSS/Damage warranty and sell numerous products.
Tru Hearing gives 3 year warranty for all hearing aiuds versus Costco only 2 years.

You buy from the internet company(tru hearing, and then it’s dispensed at a regular hearing clinic by a trained audiologist with PHD. Obviously, higher trained than COstco employees. Trade-off seems to be you don’t get unlimited followup visits but charged for office visits after 1 year.

Nobody sells the Costco hearing aid models except Costco so you pay a little more with the internet companies for a known model that is better known. EXamaple: Resound Alera9 or Verso9 vs Costco Resound Forza

Resound Alera9 for example is a 17 channel hearing aid which Costco claims the Resound Forza is similair too.

However, the Costco rep was confused as the software only allowing 9 frequency gains to program. Not 15 which was the expectations based on Costco information.

Costco coropoarte claims Resound Forza is 15 channels but the Costco dispenser doesn’t think it’s possible based on the software program options.

Cotco are NOT audiologists…dispensers.

And, I hope you learn to ignore my comments as it’s a distraction with you on this thread.

I’ve had two professionals at Costco, both audiologists.

Costco is a good place but if you don’t trust them, then go somewhere else.

Costco doesn’t trust ITSELF.
Try calling around to different Csotco stores and ask what about Resound Forza. Confusion at every store…soem say 15 channels, some say 17 channels…then one says only 9 channels.

I had to go to Costco Corporate just to get a techincal specification sheet on the product. Costco Buys are literally incompetent in buying the products just seeking gadgets.

BTW- Tru Hearing offers a 3 year LOSS/DAAMGE for most hearing aids…while Csotco only does 2 year LOSS/DAMAGE. Tru Hearing then sends you to a local audiologist…cost about $500 more than Costco but might be a far superior hearing aid.