Costco ReSound Forte (Product Information)



We’re you asking me? I just ordered ReSound Forte RIC Costco item# 1194298.



Nope, sorry I was replying to szcas3 when he said Costco was not selling the Forte anymore.


I am in Florida. Does anyone know the price of a pair of ReSound Forte 9 BTE model here?

Is this model exactly the same as ReSound Linx 3D 9? There is also a newer model ReSound ENZO 3D BTE model. Is it any better than LinX 3D 9?


It is the Forte 8. Much like the 3d 9. The Enzo isn’t newer; it’s a BTE. Forte is around $2600.


Thanks. If I am buying outside Costco then I must ask for ENZO model, otherwise I will end up with a RIE or RIC model.

Locally, I have been quoted a pair of Linx 3D 9 for $3800. I have to balance the extra cost with the convenience of the provider being only a couple of miles from where I live - this will be very useful for short visits when absolutely needed.


Costco sells BTE aids. Never sought them out so don’t have specifics.