Costco ReSound Forte (Product Information)



We’re you asking me? I just ordered ReSound Forte RIC Costco item# 1194298.



Nope, sorry I was replying to szcas3 when he said Costco was not selling the Forte anymore.


I am in Florida. Does anyone know the price of a pair of ReSound Forte 9 BTE model here?

Is this model exactly the same as ReSound Linx 3D 9? There is also a newer model ReSound ENZO 3D BTE model. Is it any better than LinX 3D 9?


It is the Forte 8. Much like the 3d 9. The Enzo isn’t newer; it’s a BTE. Forte is around $2600.


Thanks. If I am buying outside Costco then I must ask for ENZO model, otherwise I will end up with a RIE or RIC model.

Locally, I have been quoted a pair of Linx 3D 9 for $3800. I have to balance the extra cost with the convenience of the provider being only a couple of miles from where I live - this will be very useful for short visits when absolutely needed.


Costco sells BTE aids. Never sought them out so don’t have specifics.


I don’t know why resound stopped offering the Future hearing aids,I loved mine and still use them as a back up,I have not found anything that comes close to those aids!


Hi, newbie here. I bought Forte 8 RIC last week, picked up yesterday 6/23/18 at Costco in Bakersfield Ca. Cost was $2699.98 out the door. All costs included. Does anyone here use it he “Power One” batteries? Or, Should I buy he “Kirkland” batteries? I’m happy with the price of the Resounds, going from 6 year old Starkey’s to these. The Starkey’s are still good but I want blue tooth streaming. I’ll use in case I need a back up pair. Those old Starkey’s cost me about $7000 six years ago and the seller retired and went out of business. So far I’m finding the 3D app great in my he iPhone 8+ and everything ties in with my Apple Watch 3 (easy to use). These have a different tone or sound, (maybe it’s clarity). I’m pretty sure I’m loving these and wear my hearing aids 13-14 hrs every day. Any tips or ideas on batteries will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tambra Patino


I also wanted to mention that the old hearing aids (Starkey’s), didn’t stream. I would have needed an accessory for that. So, the PO batteries lasted about 7-8 days each.


Kirkland are the best buy. They are Rayovac batteries. Newer aids use more battery. You’ll probably get 3 days with streaming using 312 batteries. If you want closer to a week exchange for size 13 battery model.


Just a quick reply. Have been wearing my Fortes for 8 days,some music streaming,video(ytube) streaming, lots of phone calls. Batteries have lasted 7 full days to the hour. Wearing H A 15-18 hours per day. Old Costco KS-5 HA battries would only last 4 days all with Costco 312 battries


Has anyone used a cellphone on Samsung S8 with Resound Forte using a Phone clip + ?
Can the Phone clip + also stream audio and music to the Aids?
How does the sound quality compare with that from an iPhone or iPod without any clip?



I have Forte and iPhone but my input is still relevant as
I also have the phone clip (for us with my office landline). In my opinion sound fidelity is slightly better with the phone clip than is iPhone native MFI.


You didn’t ask but I’ll volunteer this: The Smart 3D app on Android has nonexistent error recovery. Galaxy S7 now updated to Oreo, with LiNX 3D aids. Whenever the app loses connection to one or both aids, it doesn’t reconnect unless I force stop. On the rare occasion that it does complete the progress bar on both sides without force stop, it isn’t really connected and program changes don’t go through. Hoping iPhone is better.


I already have an iPod (where I have installed a Voip phone which depends on WiFi availability) which works well with the H/A, and a Samsung J3 and Galaxy S8. So, to connect the H/As to a smartphone with a cellphone I can either use a Phone clip+ with,say, the Galaxy S8 or buy a iPhone. Buying a new iPhone when I already have the other devices does not appeal to me. Old iPhone (iPhone 5 and later) is listed as compatible with Resound Smart 3D but I cannot find a single one at Amazon which is reliable, even when claimed as ‘certified refurbished’ - 40% or more users giving 1 or 2*. Any suggestions?


Use one of the Androids to supply a WiFi hotspot to the iPod?


Not sure what you mean. I thought if I am at a hot spot and the Samsung can access Wifi then the IPod should be able to connect to Wifi directly?


I think means if in spot without wifi to use cellular from Android to create wifi hotspot.


Thanks for the explanation. I have not used this mode so far, so have to check up. I wonder if there will be restrictions imposed by the cellphone company on the use of their data plan to create hot spots. I have to read it up.


I was checking Republic Wireless about tethering. It seems one can use their data plan for bluetooth tethering:

"Bluetooth Tethering
Bluetooth tethering allows your phone to provide access to the Internet for any Bluetooth enabled device.

Tap Icon_List-33.png Settings form the app drawer.
Tap More.
Tap Tethering & portable hotspot.
Tap the toggle next to Bluetooth tethering to enable it.
You’re now able to tether via Bluetooth and connect to a paired Bluetooth device."

I suppose this means one can connect the iPod with the Samsung using blue tooth. Does it have any advantage over creating a hot spot if only the iPod is to be connected to Wifi?