Costco ReSound Forte (Product Information)



Actually my phone says GN is a paired device, but just can’t get the app too see it that way…Any help would be appreciated.


Might try and reload app,and do a reset


What do you mean by reset?


Re Boot the device after loading the app.,turn it off then back on again. Don
’t know if it will help but worth a try.


I’ll give it a try, thanks… I’ll let you know if I get it working.


Does anyone know if the “Find My Aids” feature works on the Forte 8?
Both aids are missing!
I had gone back to wearing my old KS5s because I wasn’t hearing much better with the Forte and the KS stayed in better and were much easier to put in.
I had an appointment to return them and now cannot find.
The app keeps showing Demo mode the the “getting closer” or “further” just keeps going up and down.
Also if it did work, apparently the aids have to be ON! I would not have taken them out without opening the battery door. So this is really only good for an aid falling out, and the wearer searching immediately.


If they are powered off the app will show GPS location at the time they were powered off, but nothing more specific. (Bluetooth won’t find them).

You say the app shows demo mode. If you are in demo mode, then you are only being provided a demonstration of how the aid finder works.

Can you get out of demo mode to see if you have a gps location? If the app wasn’t functional at the time you lost them you may be out of luck finding with the app.

Also, the Costco return period is 6 months, so there is still time for them to appear.


Get out of demo mode( turn it off ) Go to My ReSound the find my hearing aid is in this section… Mine works.


It works on my Forte 8s. My Costco fitter told me they used the feature to find a pair of F8s… inside a dog.


Don’t forget to look upstairs; Help! Lost hearing aid! Finder for LiNX.


does forte locked? that only programmed by costco?


No, the only locked aids were the KS5&6. The connect clip will replace the speaker on the phone for hands free operation.


We don’t know yet whether the Costco Resound Forte is locked. There is some speculation that Costco/ReSound may have gone back to their old methods of locking their hearing aids.

See this thread for more information; Costco Forte Self Programming.

The Costco/ReSound KS5/KS6 locking had ceased when Costco switched KS vendors from ReSound to Rexton beginning with the (KS7 2016-Q3). But now ReSound is back in Costco with the (Cala 2016-Q2) and the Forte (2017-Q4). We won’t know for sure until someone other than Costco has success or failure programming these models, or until someone screws up enough courage to demand this information from Costco.


If your Resound aids were connected and the app activated the find my aids feature would tell you where they were when they were last still turned on. Having not connected with the app might mean this feature will not work. Turn it off demo mode and try again. Good luck finding the aids. I always find retracing my activities when I lose something tends to help.


Next time I visit Costco to return the pair of KS 8 I will inquire about Resound Forte 8 (pure) BTE model with T-coil. I will ask if these Aids are locked - I want to be able to adjust programs remotely or visit another Resound -approved Audio in the city I may be visiting.

I note there are a number of Apps for ios. What is the difference between Smart 3D and Smart? Do I need both when using Forte 8?


My Costco said they do not carry Resound Forte anymore,my Resound Forte worked really well for a very long time and still are wearing as my back up,good thing too, because I had to go back to them when nothing else is working for me at the moment!


in Sarasota, FL.


Did you mean ReSound Future, which hasn’t been offered in several years.


I just ordered a pair of Fortes yesterday at my Costco.


Did you mean ReSound Forza ?