Costco refuses to service used hearing aids?



Hmmmmm (see below); This sure looks like zero resale value to me, and to @fordjill, and to the poor hapless EBay seller who had to pay the freight for (Sending and Returning) this pair of KS6’s. For the EBay seller it’s actually less than zero.


Yeah, not by long distance ebay, but perhaps with a local seller and buyer. We’ve had some success stories of people going to Costco that have transferred aids to other people.


Yes I recall those success stories. Maybe two stories, or maybe even it was just one.

I believe the Costco/ReSound policy has changed/solidified/matured and you won’t see this cooperation anymore.

Besides, when you try to sell hearing aids locally (without using a nation-wide market like EBay) your resale value might as well be zero because you ain’t going to get more than a few bucks. I have used both methods. Have you?


I have no experience with used hearing aids and I know you have lots of experience. I tend to respond negatively to extreme statements, like value drops to zero. My head immediately goes to “Really, not even 50 cents?” I agree that they have markedly reduced value.


OIC; where you’re coming from. I guess they may have some residual value so long as you don’t mind scamming the next buyer, Because the next buyer is likely to get stuck with hearing aids that are unable to be re-programmed. Heck, the next buyer may not get around to trying to re-program the hearing aids until it is too late to return an EBay item.

So Yes, I agree you might be able to scam your way to getting some value out of them. Speaking for myself, I would never do this (knowing that it’s locked, and knowing that Costco will balk when asked to re-program them).

Also, maybe some cases where the Seller is unaware that the hearing aids are locked, and the buyer is too timid to demand a refund, then some residual value becomes the default.

For me, the residual value of locked Costco hearing aids is zip, nada, nothing. I wouldn’t touch them.


I don’t think it need involve a scam. If I had them and wanted to sell them (likely mainly to see them continue to get some use) I would contact my local Costco and see if they would reprogram for another customer. If they said yes, I would advertise locally and see if I could find a buyer. If I could, I think $50 would be a pretty good deal. If Costco said no, ask if there were donation possibilities.


Hmmmmm; that seems like a great experiment! If you (or any other Costco customer) doesn’t mind wasting a few minutes next time you are Costco shopping then do this;

  1. First make sure your Costco hearing aids are locked, Search for Hearing Aid Lists Costco. btw> @MDB 's KS7’s are not locked.
  2. Ask Coctco if they would reprogram your hearing aids for another Costco customer that you will find on CraigsList.
  3. If they say Yes, then we know they are not under GN’s thumb (which I think is the case).


I was so excited to have found a pair of the very model I lost one of. Costco member to costco member–they still wouldn’t program for me.


It seems very much at an individual Costco level or perhaps even at employee level. Some people have been lucky–others like you no.


Or could be their policy has matured from the old policy of Gee-maybe to the new policy of Hell-no.


There was somebody quite recent who was thrilled with reprogrammed used Resounds from Costco (KS6s, I think) Can’t find link right now. I agree that seems like we’re hearing more nos than yeses though. Here’s the link:


Yeah but that is a Father-to-Son transfer, probably even with both members at the same Costco location.

It is not bought from EBay and it’s not like the experiment we discussed above where you will look for a buyer of your locked Costco hearing aids on Craigslist, and then ask Costco to reprogram them for your buyer.


I think we see things differently. I was thinking like maybe a friend from the senior center. Whatever, sometimes it works and a lot of the time it doesn’t.


A transfer from a friend in a senior center would be an outlier situation. The bulk of attempted transfers would be with EBay items.

With that in mind, my main objective is to discourage newbies from going out and spending effort and hard earned money to purchase locked Costco hearing aids from EBay. Just skip the locked Costco hearing aid models. There are plenty of other used hearing aids that you can purchase without worrying about ending up with a pair of bricks when/if Costco refuses to program them.

Well, first day with the hand me down Kirkland Signature 6's

Awfully light bricks :slight_smile:


That was my situation. The Costco person knew both of us and knew my dad passed away less than a year after buying new KS5’s. They transferred to me late 2014.