Well, first day with the hand me down Kirkland Signature 6's


Some of you may recall I mentioned trying my dad’s hand me down Signature 6’s from Costco which are rebranded ReSounds. I went in this morning at 10am and had my hearing tested and compared it to my 2013 chart. As I thought, my hearing has decreased across the range, but my loss is still mild. But, the tech absolutely thought the HA’s would benefit me so he programmed them to my profile, showed me how use them, how everything worked, etc and sent me out the door.

Lets just say that I am a bit overwhelmed. The dog barking is very shrill, my jacket against the car seat is way too much, etc. I can hear my fingers tapping the screen of my phone when sending a text for crying out loud. Perhaps this will all calm down as my brain gets used to it, but I cant say Im crazy about these things. Im sure I will need to have them adjusted.

Second, the right on feels comfortable and I dont notice it being there. The left one doesnt feel like it sits firmly behind my ear and up against my head (kind of in the wedge where my ear meets my skull). It also tends to sound “scratchy” when I move around.

In sum, Ill keep up with them and hope things get better. I will also have the adjusted in a week or so. Any other advice is greatly appreciated.

One other thing, are there HA’s that fit in the ear canal that the user can take in and out on their own? Im an active 44 year old male and that seems like a dream. Something I can swim with or take out to swim.

Costco refuses to service used hearing aids?

I remember my experience with my hearing aids I thought I was going to go crazy, but over about 3 months I got use to wearing my aids, I also almost lived at the Audi office that first 2 months trying to get things right. Fast forward to the aids I got 4 years a go, my Audi fit them to me and that was it, 4 years with no changes and normal daily use if about 15 hours a day. I will be getting new aids early December and I can only hope the new ones are the same ease as the ones I have now.


This was three years ago with some experiences over the first few days with my first aids. It takes a while to get used to things. But you do. In a while it will just be normal.

Fitting day.
The sound is “bright” to put it musically.
It’s a rainy day so I wore a Gortex rain jacket which I took off for the fitting. When I picked it up to leave it sounded like someone was crumpling paper right next to my ear. The audiologist saw the look on my face and laughed.

I stepped out of the clinic into a heavy wind and a pouring rain. I stood there for what must have been 5 minutes astounded. The wind was a non issue for the aids. The rain on the other hand sounded like a monsoon beating on the cars, on the overhead canopy and in the puddles in the lot. I could hear the traffic on the street several hundred feet away like it was next to me. I heard a car start on the other side of a very large parking lot in spite of the storm noise. It was cool and I got a chill and sneezed several times. It was a life changing experience. LOL The unlocking of the car door, the closing of the car door, my pants sliding on the seat all seemed in your face loud. I had to take the rain jacket off. It was too much. I turned the radio on still at the volume I had it at when I drove out there and GOOD GRIEF, no wonder my wife complained. I couldn’t believe it. Turn signals do still make noise. I heard fire trucks on the freeway fercryinoutloud long before I could see them. My wife called me on the phone which is synced with the sound system. It took a few minutes for the adrenaline to pass from being hit by the ringer. Yes, road noise IS noise. I flipped on Mozart’s 40th and was delighted. I had to reset the balance back to normal for I had it weighted to the left to compensate for the left ear. It sounded a bit bright but quite nice. Facial movements make my glasses rub the aids which I can hear but it’s not bothersome. My wife always complained about the whine of the rear wiper on the car calling it annoying and I thought her ridiculous. It IS annoying.

I got home and climbed the stairs to the door. While I was fumbling for the keys my wife pulled the door open and gave me a hi honey! Between that and the phone ringing in the car my body has been depleted of all it’s adrenaline. Being greeted by the dog was a gas. I could hear all her whines and snorts—and her nails. We have wood floors and I could hear every nail clicking as she walked across the floor. I can hear my pant legs rubbing together when I walk.

I followed my wife into the kitchen. She was flying around cooking dinner. Frying something, banging pots and pans around on the stove and counter, opening and closing the refrigerator, running water in the sink, in and out of the cupboards slamming the doors----it got to me. Sensory overload. I had to leave the room.

We sat down to dinner. Forks and knives on the plates were annoyingly loud. On the other hand I could hear every word she said and I didn’t have to be looking at her. I heard her talking to me from the kitchen while I was in the living room. Right now I can hear her typing on her computer in another room.The dog is sleeping and I can hear her breathing. I like it.

I am already starting to adjust. Things are not so piercing. And I am beginning to notice some things about the aids. When she was fitting me I tried to get the volume balanced between right and left. My loss is asymmetrical so the domes are different and the gain is different for each ear. Now I think I may have to have the volume upped a bit on the right. Then again it may be because I am hearing things now with the left ear that have been missing. I can’t tell for sure yet. After about 1/2 an hour the domes were itching and it was unpleasant. That seems to be gone now. I’ve heard some folks here say that their tinnitus subsided just by wearing the aids. Mine is still here. She only activated one additional program to start and that was the music program because of the symphony on Saturday. She had two monitors–one facing me so I could watch as she programmed. Saw the changes in gain as she switched back and forth from the auto to music. Interesting stuff. We spent some time listening to recorded speech and sounds in two modes–one bright and one softer/warmer. I picked the crisper sound which I’ll try for a couple of weeks and then I may try the other to compare. Listening to Mozart on the way home I felt like backing off on the treble. But there are things I’m hearing in the upper register that have been missing for who knows how long.

Day 2
Lunch yesterday was intense. Typical coney island (around these parts anyway) with the grill behind the bar counter and tables packed as close together as possible with just enough room to squeeze in and out of your chair. It was packed and it was raucous. We grabbed one of two open tables and sat down. It was close to the middle of the place. This was basically day 2 with the aids. No speech in noise program activated yet. I turned on the decibel meter on the iPhone and it floated between 78 and 81. If the waitress had been a few seconds longer I would have left. I SHOULD have left.

Two normal hearing persons with me had to speak in elevated tones to hear each other. I had no trouble hearing them but they were loud. I had to raise my own voice to be heard and I did not like the sound of it. I could hear the waitresses calling out to the short order cooks and I could hear them banging stuff around on the grill behind the bar. The sound of chairs with metal legs on the tile floor being pushed away from tables was grating. I was not wearing the streamer. If I had been I would have turned the volume down as low as possible. I ate as quickly as I could and got out. It was absolutely obnoxious. We were in there barely 30 minutes but it seemed like FOR EV ER. The two men with me found the place really loud. For me it was almost intolerable. I will not repeat it if I can help it. Still, in spite of it all I could hear what was being said at my table. 3 days ago in that environment I would have been a non participant.

I hear everything now–never miss a word and I hear things in music that have been missing for who knows how long. It’s all there now, at least insofar as hearing everything. Even the tiny cymbals are there. BUT–you knew there was a but coming right? And perhaps having only been in aids for 3 weeks this might be a bit early though I don’t think so. I hope so but I don’t think so. In spite of hearing everything it sounds a bit empty. It isn’t bad, it’s just not mellow–it is not full–it has lost its warmth–it’s thin–it doesn’t quite get there if that makes sense. It’s a cup of coffee that’s not quite strong enough. It’s a big strawberry that’s not quite sweet enough. It doesn’t quite make it. And though I like everything else about these aids I’d be tempted to try something else if I thought that I could have a little bit of that “warm by the fire” sound again. Maybe it’s one of those things that you just can’t have. I can live with it. The benefits of aids far outweigh it but oh how nice it’d be to have it back. Has anybody found it? If so let me know because I have till Friday next week to try something else.


Great read. Thank you. I can identify with your first day experience. Except my wife doesnt cook and I have to run to my 3rd grade son’s volleyball club team meeting!


Regarding your last sentence, I would not swim with the HAs in my ears. Water is not a friend of HAs. I take mine out to shower.


I understand that. Wondering if there are any HA’s that are in the canal that you dont have to take out to swim.


Oh! I do remember a discussion regarding swimming with HAs. Perhaps if you started a new thread someone might respond to that question.


Perhaps search “swimming with hearing aids”


I was working on a proposal in a bullpen type environment. I could hear the person next to me highlighting text in a document. It was both amazing and disconcerting. However, the brain does adjust and learn to filter out small sounds. Hang in ther.


Please, what did you pay Costco to re-program the HAs?


They didn’t charge me a thing.


Did you continue with the original warranty? I am assuming the aids were transferred to you as per Costco policy?


No idea. I called and said my dad gave them to me. They said they would reprogram. Gave me another test, programmed them, etc and didnt charge me.


Ahh, the quest for bricks is maybe already starting?


That’s great! Every time I’ve gone in with Starkey HA’s that I bought used, I was charged, on average, $200 to re-program, and that for only 1 re-program, not returning to adjust.


Don’t be too quick to get these readjusted – it really does take at least a couple of weeks for your brain to get used to the new sound (a month is better); if you can force yourself to be patient, you will end up at a much better place. Regards to athletics, you should be able to insert and remove any modern hearing aid (other than implants) by yourself; I tried swimming with my KS-8s (by accident) and, although they were OK after replacing both batteries and drying them out, I strong recommend against the practice!!


The issue isnt the right one, that one feels comfortable and seems fine. I dont even know its there. But the left one seems to not allow as much sound through, if that makes sense. Plus, it sounds scratchy/static like when I move around. Plus, I can tell its in and on my ear unlike the right one. I just dont care for it thus far.

And dont get me going on how tinny and electronic everything sounds. I get that that will go away as I become accustomed to them. But right now I really dont want to wear them. I find myself saying I hear well enough to not really need them.


Huh? I didnt pay for these. They were free of charge and Costco hasnt charged me anything. I apologize if I dont quite follow your point.


Did the Audi replace the wax guards and domes (waxy guards or domes are a common problem when my hearing aids don’t feel balanced)? Assuming they were cleaned, if you are a Costco member you should be able to get them to do a Real Ear Measurement (REM) – that will tell you if the left aid has a defect.


It’s about ithe other thread referenced twice thus far in this thread. Here’s a third reference;

Costco refuses to service used hearing aids?