Costco phonak

Does any body have any info on the Phonak brio that costco is going to handle. My starkey trial goes to the end of the month.Im very interested in the phonaks cant wait to hear something about them. Do you think they will be like the audeo 90s

I cannot find any technical specifications, but this article has the most detail of any I have seen thus far.

Having sold to Costco/Sam’s during my working career I can tell you they want something cheaper than the market. Their own unique product so if Phonak does sell to them direct I can assure you it won’t be the top of the Phonak line. It will be an acceptable product, but by no means state of the art.

You can buy a Rolex Submariner at Costco, but there’s no way they will sell the Audeo Q90!

And so we shall see what develops. This shall be interesting, especially since they will be competing against themselves. Some would say that this is the best possible business model.

And the Audeo Q90 is already obsolete. New world out there. Very fast!

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