Costco Philips 9040s and phone app

So…I picked up a pair of Philips 9040s and a TV adapter yesterday. The plan is to try them out for the next few weeks and return my Jabra 20s if they are an improvement (I have until July 7).

So far, they are an improvement as far as hearing goes. I loaded the app on my Android Pixel 7 Pro and it worked without an issue until this morning when I went to use the TV adapter.

Every time I select the TV adapter program, I lose at least one of the HA’s connection to the app. It is still connected to my phone, but it doesn’t show up

Here is what I have done so far:

  • Restarted the app
  • Restarted the phone
  • Deleted all bluetooth devices from the phone, including the HAs
  • Uninstalled the app, restarted the phone, reinstalled the app
  • Added hearing aids using native Android bluetooth settings

There may be other things I have tried, but I cannot recall. The app is rather useless without this ability.

I have a video of the screen, but I don’t know how to attach it to a post.

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I don’t have the TV adapter. So I can’t see what you are seeing.

Have you trying removing the power to the TV adapter; deleting the bluetooth from the phone;reconnecting the power to the TV adapter; pair the hearing aids to the phone; and then follow the pairing instructions for the TV adapter?

Anyhow, if you haven’t done so yet, I would allow the hearlink 2 app to use background battery usage. Go to settings/all apps/hearlink 2/app info/app battery usage.

Note the new 9050 will have the ability to use LE Audio. That will require a new TV adapter to use LE Audio unless you decide to keep the 9040.

Do can the 9050 still work with the 9040 tv adaptor

We don’t know yet. But I suspect that it will still work. However, it will not have the capability of LE Audio.

So…I finally got around to calling Philips today. They had me unpair the aids from the TV streamer. Shut it off, turn it back on and pair the aids. Then I had to unpair the aids from the phone bluetooth, delete the data from the phone app, restart the phone, and pair the phone. Then, he had me , delete the data from the app, restart the phone re-pair the aids to the phone, and voila! it started working.

I mentioned to the agent that I lost about 25% of battery for about 4 hours of streaming. He told me that seemed about right, In addition to that, the aids lost the bluetooth connection from one side the to the other the next time I used them.

It seems that bluetooth compatibility with Android is not a high priority for them. It’s too bad. I like the way they sound better than the Jabras. Streaming, bluetooth, and battery life are important to me. These hearing aids are way too lightweight in all three of those categories.

On to the next brand.

Did you make the adjustments to your phone’s battery setting for that app?

Yes I did. These aids like lots of power. When streaming, the poor performance of the app, coupled with using battery in the background, is killing my phone battery. In addition, I am thinking that the older bluetooth standard also consumes a lot of power in both the hearing aid and the phone.

I think the Philips are going back soon. I have already moved back to the Jabras. Jabras are a tinnier sounding. Streaming from the TV is also tinnier sounding.

Since I only have a few more weeks before the 180-day return window closes for the Jabras, the big decision will be to either keep the Jabras or return them, too. That leaves the Rextons. I can get them, but if they are not as good as the Jabras, I am not sure how Costco would feel about selling me another pair of Jabras after returning them.

I’ve got some thinking to do.

I think Bluetooth in general is going to use up your phone and hearing aid battery. I don’t use Bluetooth since I wear open domes, and the low frequencies just leek out.

Did the fitter try to adjust the Jabra hearing aids to see they can improve the tininess? There are adjustments in the programming software. Unfortunately, the adjustments are different for female and male voices.

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You mat be right. I have been using the Jabras for nearly 6 months. With Auracast and streaming for hours (up to 5 or 6 hours per day) and regular usage for the rest of the day, I would finish up the day with 50% or more battery on most days. Additional usage on the phone was negligible.

There are problably additional settings the fitter can change to reduce the harshness of the Jabras. That’ how I’m leaning at the moment.

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@mrschwarz , may I ask you what phone you are using with the Jabras?

My phone is a Google Pixel 7 Pro.

It is good to hear LE Audio works so well on your phone!

I’m coming up on 180 days with my Rexton Bi-Core. Last adjustment have had several I told gal I’d probably return right before 6 month window closes.
If looks would kill……
Are they penalized for returns?

I don’t think your penalized unless you are a frequent returner. Certainly if this is your first return there is no worry at all. They’re happy to return it and exchange if that’s what you want to do.

The ‘gal’ spent time trying to give you the best fit for a pair of hearing aids and you tell her that you never had any intention of keeping them anyway? Not surprised about the look. If you’re going to game the system, why throw it in their faces?