Costco or not?

I have been wearing Phonak HA’s for about 6 years. My audiologist said she really couldn’t do much more tweaking with the Phonaks I have. She recommended and last month the Starkey. I trialed for two weeks the Starkey S series. There was considerable improvement with road noise, no feedback and a number of other issues. I did have some issues at a banquet with noise coming from table behind me. I’m told Starkey is coming out in January with further improvements, so decided to wait. In the meantime I tried at Costco the new Kirkland Signature digital HA’s and was quite impressed. However I did have problem with feedback when I passed my hand by my ear. I was somewhat pressed for time so couldn’t stay to see if they could change that. Also about $4,000 dollar cost difference. Who has had experience with the new Kirkland series? Are you satisfied?

Thanks, a newbie on this forum.

I’ve used Costco for eyeglasses and liked them there very much, as do many others. (Costco tops out Consumer Reports ratings of chain eyeglass services.) Of course, eyeglasses are less service-intensive than hearing aids. I have an audiologist I like very much and is more convenient to me, so I’ve never tried Costco for hearing aids. But if she weren’t around, I would try Costco. The buzz here is favorable–you can Search for other threads about them while awaiting replies if you like. I’ve found the Kirkland products at Costco to be an excellent value, generally.

However, I would not stop considering a model of hearing aids just because of feedback when I got my hands near my ears. Many hearing aids do that. If digital feedback suppression was not enabled on them, it may be possible to set it in the software and possibly reduce that. Ask, if that would be a dealbreaker for you.

I use the Costco in Hoover, AL and the audiologist there is an AuD. My experience has been very positive and like you already know, it’s less expensive. I bought a Rexton Insite CIC for the right ear and I have a Starkey Destiny from early last year, for the left ear, from a traditional ENT based audiologist. I’m happier with the Costco experience and audiologist. The Bluetooth device for Rexton is called Blu Rcu so if the “Kirkland” model uses a Blu Rcu it must really be a Rexton model. If the bluetooth device is a TEK then it must be a Siemens model. Rexton is a brand of Siemens (or a subsidiary). Costco has several brands and models and they have a 90 day return with no restocking charge. I was given batteries and a dryer.

About feedback, I had feedback in the Rexton at first but it was a fit issue and she had it remade with a smaller vent and it does fit better and no feedback unless I get my fingers very close, or wiggle it a little bit. The Starkey does it too if I get too close or wiggle it but neither have feedback under normal conditions.

Anyway, I will definitely buy from Costco again in a year or two when I try to get back to wearing just one brand.