Costco Now Offering Lexie B2 Powered by Bose OTC Hearing Aids

Well, I lost that bet. Costco now offers OTC hearing aids (online only) I still think their full service models for $1599 USD are a better value since they include professional fitting and 3 years of service/warranty vs one. Edit: Full service models also offer Bluetooth streaming which is not available in their OTC model.
OTCs are ~$980 USD

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I’m curious as to what is up with Minnesota that you can’t buy it there :joy:. I’d agree for only a little more the other aids seem a better value. However, I’m glad they are appearing.

Minnesota has a couple of laws regarding hearing aid sales that may be behind it. It seems like there could be some “wiggle room,” but Minnesota may be a small enough market to not be worth the hassle. Minnesotans would also have the option of ordering from a nearby state (I would think).

If I go to Costco website and the hearing department the Lexie aren’t there. I have to do a product search to find them.

So not much different than Amazon or Best Buy selling them, EXCEPT it would potentially take away from their hearing center sales at Costco.

I still think for 600 more it is worth going to the hearing center.

With Lexie you won’t get the parts and service for free and that can add up.

I could be wrong

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It’s available by mail/home delivery OTC from Costco, I read. Under $1,000.,-self-fitting-over-the-counter-hearing-aids,-powered-by-bose,-bundle-edition.product.4000147656.html