Costco KS9 Easy Line Remote app lost connection to left aid

My Sig. 9 hearing aids have been working very well including Easy Line Remote on LG4 Smartphone Android 8.1. But, Easy Line no longer sees left aid. Thus I can not adjust different volumes for aids. All else seems okay including program selection and setting common volume offset from boot up normal volume. Have rebooted phone and have reloaded Easy application to no avail. Could it be there’s something wrong with left aid. I can discuss with Costco fitter. Aids are still under warranty.

Have you unpaired the aids from the phone and re paired them? You could also try the new MyPhonak app. It should work assuming your aids got the firmware update.

Thanks, after several attempts unpairing and reinstalling easy line app I again have both aids accessed by easy line. One note, with Android 8.1 dragging an app to top of desk top to uninstall doesn’t seem to completely uninstall. Using settings applications and uninstalling there seems to be what was needed.

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