Costco KS8 & Apple Watch

Do you have Apple watch and Costco KS8? If so, have you been able to get phone calls to stream into KS8? If I answer with iPhone, it streams into ears. If I answer with watch, it doesn’t route to ears. Thanks.

I can’t answer for your hearing aids just my Oticon OPN1s, I have to have the connect clip connected to my watch to answer a call with my watch and have it streamed to my hearing aids. Also to use my watch as a remote control for my aids I have to have the app installed and running on my iPhone, and my iPhone has to be within Bluetooth range of my hearing aids.

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Are you using the Connexx Smart Direct app? Is there a choice of output when answering on the watch?

I believe you can rotate the crown of the watch when answering calls. You should select answer on iPhone rather than answer on the watch. Audio should then stream as though you’d answered using the iPhone.

Let me know if that works.

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means1) ha to clip
2) clip to watch
and 4)watch to phone should be connected simultaneously?
to answer call through apple watch?

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I will try and report back. Thanks.

Thanks for your message. I don’t have a clip. My ultimate dream is standardization, streamlining, and integration across all digital platforms, services, products.

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That would be so nice And maybe it will happen someday

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  1. connect apple watch to iphone via watch app on phone – paired done
    2)connect mic to HA start pairing mode
    3)in apple watch turn on bluetooth it will automatically add your mic to apple watch.
    note : during this you should not turn on mfi feature to connect ha to iphone/ bluetooth in iphone(i.e bluetooth in iphone should be turned off) and do not activate airoplane mode in either iphone or apple watch.

tested on iphone 7 plus and apple watch series 4


Help me understand please.
You turn off MFi on iPhone? Does that mean you can’t stream from iPhone from other sources (like web browser, Pandora, etc) without turning MFi back on? Just wondering how quickly you can change back and forth (such as taking an incoming call when you were streaming something else).
I am using iPhone 7 iOS 12.2 beta and iWatch series 2, so understand phone behavior may be a bit different with cellular-enabled iWatch (3,4).


HA: Signia Pure Nx7

i haven’t tried but report once done

I just spoke with Resound customer service representative at 844-833-1133. The customer service representative confirmed that Apple Inc iWatch is not yet able to stream directly to Resound hearing aids. According to the Resound tech representative that I spoke to, Apple Inc can “turn on” direct streaming to Resound hearing aids anytime they choose to but they (Apple Inc) have chosen not to activate this feature at this time. The tech support person said Apple Inc is non-responsive (to Resound) as to why they (Apple Inc) are denying direct streaming to hearing impaired people.

I was told by a friend of mine that works for Apple it is because of the battery drain. The watch ould drain the battery way too quick.

Obviously it makes no sense that iWatch “battery drain” is the issue since Apple Inc allows pairing with Apple AirPods. My wife walks 7 to 8 miles everyday (walking more than two hours!) while listening to audio books and Apple Music streaming directly from her iWatch to her Apple AirPods and her iWatch still has plenty of battery power left to take her though to the end of her day. And while she walks and goes about her normal day, she and I routinely chat on the “phone” connected from her iWatch to her AirPods while my Resound hearing aids are connected though my iPhone 10 Max! The only reasonable explanation why Apple Inc doesn’t allow the hearing impaired to connect to their Apple iWatch is Apple Inc would lose market share (and profits) for their AirPods.

You should find what I did is that if she has her phone on her while she is walking the streaming really is coming from her phone.

If you have an iWatch you don’t need to carry an iPhone! That’s the whole idea of the iWatch. My wife no longer needs to carry her iPhone when she jogs, walks, exercises, drives a car. She seldom uses or carries her iPhone now. I on the other hand have to carry my iPhone 10 Max with me even when I’m wearing my iWatch 5 only because Apple Inc doesn’t allow my Resound hearing aids to Bluetooth connection to my iWatch 5.

She must have the one with the cellular service. I don’t have that I just have the basic watch