Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



I don’t think the KS8s are rechargeable, but I don’t “know” that.


They are not rechargeable.

As someone who was in Costco for a two week KS 7 refitting and adjustment when the new sign went up for KS 8 Please give me an explanation of the improvement of 42 channel over 48 channel. Is it enough of an difference between the two to exchange them. Thank you for your replies.


The 42 to 48 channel change is a non issue. Biggest reason to change would be if you want direct streaming to an iPhone. There are some changes in features but it’s really hard to tell if they would make any difference (and they migh make a difference to some people and not others). My thoughts: If you use or were planning on getting an iPhone, I’d definitely make the switch. I’d say rest is more personality related. If it’s been hard adjusting to hearing aids and they’re meeting your needs, don’t rock the boat and keep what you’ve got. However, if you like trying new things or if the KS7s come up short in some way and after talking with the HA fitter it seems like the KS8s might be better, by all means give them a try.


If you have an Android phone, the new BT device should be a major improvement. It does away with a magnetic resonance connection and utilizes more stable technology.


These HA’s I’ve ordered will connect to my iPhone. This will allow me to hear calls and music, I believe. Is there a microphone somewhere to speak into the phone or do I need to speak into the phone to talk? Also will music be stereo.g From this question you can likely tell what a newbie I am to this.


You need to use the mic on the phone.
From what I’ve read it seems music would be stereo. But I’ll defer to more experts than I.


The Costco website says “Chat hands free on your iPhone”. I guess I assumed this meant there had to be a microphone somewhere.


I guess they don’t count holding the phone up to your mouth as being called hands free :slight_smile:
There’s only one HA that can truly say hands free at this moment.


You can be truly “hands free” if you purchase the optional SmartMic for $200 US.


Can anyone help with this question:

Which Signia model is closest to the KS8?

I.e. is the KS8 closest to the Signia’s Pure 312 Nx, the Pure 132 Nx, or the Motion 13 Nx?

AND - in general - how does the Signia range compare with the KS8s? Are the HAs essentially equivalent, or are the KS8 s a poor cousin to the Signias?


dng: While under the same manufacturer, it would seem it’s more that it’s closest to the Rexton Emerald 80 8C than anything Signia. At least that’s what the KS7’s (the prior version) are.

Costco doesn’t subscribe to doing anything about tinnitus. Probably as a cost-cutting measure but at the end of the day there’s no definitive science on treating tinnitus…yet.

And with modern smartphone streaming you can do some of the masking techniques yourself anyway.


Closest to the Pure 312 Nx. I haven’t compared features in detail (did some time ago with KS7 and px) I would expect a few differences in relatively minor features (although they would go by different names) The most striking difference I noted was in the software. Where the KS7 had either an on or off setting, or maybe 3 levels, the Signia might have 7. So, I would expect a lot more ability to finetune settings of different features in the the Signia. That raises the question of whether your fitter will play with all of those settings. As far as the comparison. Who knows? Signia and Signia owners will claim the KS8 is vastly inferior (how could it not be–they paid $6000-$7000 for their hearing aid) KS8 owners will smugly claim that theirs is just as good and only cost $1599. Both will be blowing smoke.


They say:
Inside: Rexton


As far as phone calls, it connects seamlessly and the caller comes into both ears.
Nothing comes out the iPhone headset. But I still have talk into the speaker. I just hold my phone up to my ear like normal. But having 2 ears hearing helps so much with comprehension!


Hey thanks for getting back. So you didn’t see a little sticker saying anything like 80 8C? My KS7’s say 80 6C. I gathered from the OP that these are 8C. The sticker was minuscule (to my old eyes) inside the battery compartment.


Yes! They do! Had to get a flashlight as it’s light print.


Fantastic. Well that seems to confirm it. KS8’s are pretty much Rexton Emerald 80 8C. The KS7’s were 6C.
Thanks for looking.


I ordered my KS8 yesterday. I spoke to the technician. They shared that the steaming MAY work with certain Android devices. There are so many Android manufactures (vs 1 iPhone) with varying technical standards that they cannot guarantee the KS8 will work with all Android devices.


I know right! I find their site to be pretty p!$$ poor.

@michaelngm30: Recently learning that Apple made their own secret sauce to come up with mfi for HA’s, there aren’t any Android-OS-running devices that have it.
There is only one HA that will connect directly to any bluetooth device. It goes a step further too. It uses the mic in the HA for you to speak rather than holding up the iphone to your mouth.


I have an iPhone. Just sharing what the technician said.