Costco Kirkland Signature 8.0 (Product Information)



You could just buy the intermediary device made by the manufacturer of the hearing aid.


Is there one like that for the KS8s?
As I said above, I’m fine with using the speaker on my cellphone, but there may be others that do want to stream cell phone audio from their Android phones.


Oh never mind.
NateS has KS5’s. I’m not exactly sure how he is connecting his remote mic’s that he mentions. Maybe he has a neckloop thing.


No the microphones stream directly. Bought them from Costco. Made by Resound for the KS5s.


I don’t know if it’s available yet, but there should be something like this


So I gather those are the "Phone Clip+"s?
How many do you have?
Or do you have the audio boots?


I believe mine are called the ReSound Unite Mini Mic. I have two because we thought we lost the first one at a restaurant and after we bought the replacement one at a discount, we ultimately found the first one. So why not use both, I thought.


Well I don’t know what the final intention of your question is but it seems to me that your KS5’s have it all what with the Phone Clip+ doodad that connects to the aids somehow and then connects via bluetooth to any external bluetooth device.
What’s the problem that you’re trying to solve anyway?


I explained above that it wasn’t for me but for people who are disappointed that the new KS8s don’t stream directly to Android phones.


Ohhhh. i did not catch that connection. I went back and reviewed and still don’t. Oh well.

Yes. the whole Android thing sucks (or any other brand for that matter). There’s only one HA currently that can work with Android without an intermediate device.

I don’t know why. Yes there’s bluetooth from the external device to the HA. Why then can’t that be ANY external device is beyond me. Seems most modern devices also have btle. Then I seem to think that bluetooth only allows one pairing at a time. So if you’ve connected Phone#1 to the HA’s then you can’t connect Phone#1 to Phone#2 via bluetooth while wanting to stay connected to the HA with Phone#1.
Maybe you could connect one to the other with the headphone jack but then you wouldn’t have control. And then freakin Apple in their infinite wisdom decided they were too good for a lowly headphone jack. Piffle. :slight_smile:


I think the original HA industry plan was to go with FM, which is longer range than bluetooth and in some ways may be more stable, and was already being used for years in classroom settings for hearing-impaired kids. But along came home computers with built-in bluetooth and suddenly it’s bluetooth everywhere and it becomes the new standard for short-range communication.


Nate- I work in an office (cubicle) environment where it is not appropriate for me to send my phone call audio to the speaker phone.

I have a Resound Forte’s now, but still use the Phone Clip+ I bought with my KS5 - along with a Bluetooth transmitter- on my office landline- so all of my phone communications go through my hearing aids.

One other thing- I also bought the Resound Mini mic with my KS5’s. The Mini mic is not compatible with my Forte’s. Resound “obsoleted it” to their newer model remote microphone. ( which I have not purchased)


There are three lines in each of my charts. Which one do I use? And what are the other two for? And if they are also important, why is there no provision to include them?
My recollection is that in the former forum, we could just drop our chart in.


It supposedly connects to iPhone.
They do not have one for trial or testing, but can be ordered.
The KS7 is not available anymore for purchasing as of today (Feb 8th).
Placed an order for the new KS8 today.
Will be ready for fitting and pick up next week.
iPhone calls, music and audio streams to KS8 without any additional device. Android needs one.
The app for KS 7 is different from the app for KS 8.
Was informed that it is almost the same as the 7 with a few additional features and $100 cheaper.


Nice to see you are all over this and already talking about it.
Please keep us informed.
$100 cheaper is $125 here. Hah!


So does anyone have any idea of the typical lag time between US introduction and Canadian introduction of new products at Costco? 1 month? 2 months? 3 months? …

Also, for the KS8’s, is a streamer available for those who refuse to switch to iphones?

Finally, who makes the KS8 for branding by Costco?


The first line of the first post of this thread seems to have something to say on that.
My KS7’s said Rexton on the side and 80 6C in the battery compartment. I would imagine these would be much the same except for maybe the 8C.


Have no idea about Canadian lag time. A streamer is made for the Signia nx (which is very similar to the KS8) I would guess one would be available for the KS8, but I don’t know that. The KS8 is made by Rexton which is owned by Sivantos.


I called several friendly (BC) Costco Canada HA departments today and no one is saying anything.


Is there any information about upgraded streamer hardware for the KS 8?
I am unwilling to change to Apple but I can tolerate a separate streamer.